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Science on the verge of revolution

A. wrote:

I just finished reading your article entitled science on the verge of revolution. So packed full of salient points. I really appreciate how u can convey your thoughts without being needlessly wordy or going over the top as so many writers seem to do today. u seem to have the understanding of the Earth being our mother/creator. What do u think of the supposition that we are now in the process of her waking up to correct course and we are playing a part in her ongoing evolution – in fact a major role through our consciousness?
     I am interested in your take on this. You seem to have a great mind and a way with the keyboard.thanks for your time and have a good day.
Ps. I fancy myself to be a modern day ‘generalist’ as u say. Thank u for shining a light on some interesting leads for my mind to ponder

Hi A,

Nice to hear from you. I’m glad the article stimulated your thinking. That article was an exploration of a rather large territory. I’m going to break it up and expand on each of the topics as separate pieces on the cj website.

It seems like everyone is expecting some kind of consciousness-raising energy wave. I have no problem imagining such a thing might be possible, but I see no evidence of it happening. I also don’t see any precedent for such a thing. If we take the Yuga cycles as true, for example, it takes thousands of years for an energy wave to take effect, and we’re starting from very near the bottom.

I suppose people get caught up in a wave of enthusiasm, when they see a lot of other people talking about better times to come, due to raised consciousness. In my view, it’s about desperation, wishing for a magic solution, while our world is collapsing around us. 

Also, in that wish space, I see a fundamental misunderstanding of how society works. There’s an implicit assumption that the nature of society arises out of the masses. If we are individually competitive in our attitudes and beliefs, that leads to a competitive society. If we embrace love and compassion, then society will change accordingly. That’s very naive.

Societies have been controlled by ruling cliques since the very beginning of civilization. Warrior chiefs, kings, emperors, high priests, popes, military dictators, party commissars, central bankers, whatever. People conform to the system they find themselves in. They don’t generate the system, they simply help operate it, according to its rules, out of necessity. The masters make the rules, for the wise men and the fools.

We are blaming ourselves, the victims, if we think our level of consciousness is the problem. As long as we think that way we can’t do anything sensible about the real problem. As I see it, there’s nothing much wrong with our consciousness. None of us want a society based on war, exploitation, lies, and hypocrisy. We all want safe and attractive neighborhoods, productive work, and a reasonably comfortable life for our families. We all help our friends when we can. We would all like to leave a healthier planet for our grandchildren. What’s so terribly wrong with us, that we need a shift of consciousness? We are OK as we are.

The real problem is that the masters make the rules, and we don’t. The level of consciousness of our society is far below our level of consciousness as individuals. We are open hearted and reasonably egalitarian; the masters are self-centered psychopaths, routinely launching bloody wars, in order to better control this or that piece of the chessboard. 

It is not that our individual consciousness needs raising, rather our collective consciousness needs to be manifested and empowered. We need to learn how to create and operate a self-governing society, where the knowledge and wisdom that exists in we the people can be brought into coherence, and we can thereby determine our own shared destiny. 

Back in the old days, when we lived in small bands, our societies had a coherent consciousness. We maintained a ‘sense of the community’ because we got together and talked things through whenever the need arose. We’d talk until everyone was satisfied that we’d found the best path forward. Then we’d each do our part in pursuing that path. That’s what self-governance looks like.

For 6,000 years society has been infected by a parasite, a tiny organism that sets the agenda for society as a whole, gorging itself on the fruits of our labor. The parasitic ruling clique came in on the Ship of Civilization, when hierarchical forms were born, with the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid of power.

For all these millennia we’ve had no experience setting our own destiny, and our sense of empowerment has atrophied. It has atrophied to such an extent that we think something’s wrong with us, that our consciousness needs to be raised. The shift in consciousness we actually need is to stop thinking we need a shift in consciousness. We are not the problem. We are the solution, just as we are. 

We are in fact the only solution available, and we need to embrace our collective responsibility to create a self-governing society, so that we can determine our own destiny. A self-governing society is about exercising our collective responsibility to manage our society. We exercise that responsibility by talking things through together, and working together, with those around us. 

Similarly, we can exercise our collective responsibility to create such a society, by talking thing through together, and working together, with those around us. The task of building a transformational movement involves embracing the ways of doing things that we will be using in the society we are trying to create. “Be the change that you want to see” applies also to the collective, to how we manifest our collective wisdom

What kind of initiative, what kind of movement, could give us a chance to be the change we want to see? It seems to me that there needs to be some immediate undertaking, something people can do together, in their communities, something that benefits them, something that requires working things out together, and something that is welcoming to all. 

In some sense it isn’t important what the movement initially undertakes; the important thing is that the initial undertaking gives us a chance to learn and practice the processes of self-governance – while at the same time building bonds throughout the community. Once the seed of self-governance sprouts, it will seek the light and keep growing and spread on its own initiative. Our collective consciousness, waking up and smelling the coffee. 

What kind of initiative, what kind of undertaking? That’s the question I’ve been working on for some years now. I’ve studied all the initiatives and movements I could find, and I’ve worked with various activist groups, which were seeking to get people engaged in various kinds of collaborative activities. My most recent ideas are documented here:

Building the new in the shadow of the old

That’s it, I’m out of ideas. That’s why I’ve turned my attention to another needed revolution, the one in science.