Re: new Cold War & the banking elite


Richard Moore

Rory Winter forwarded re/ "Joined at the Hip through Eternity"..
         "Thus, all the indications point to the Anglo-Saxon Alliance
         deliberately heightening tension between itself and Russia.
         Whilst Bush might see an opportunity in doing so to create a
         new Arms Race (for the exclusive profit of US corporations
         and the further empowering of its domestic
         Military-Industrial Complex) quite what Britain has to gain
         from it is a mystery."

Hi Rory,

The question is not what does Britain have to gain, but rather what 
do the rulers of Britain have to gain. It's not an 'Anglo-Saxon' 
alliance, rather it's an Anglo-American bankers' alliance... the same 
folks who orchestrated World Wars I and II, financed the rise of 
Hitler and Mussolini, and arranged the first Cold War.

Yes, the military-industrial complex makes profits, and those profits 
come from government purchases made with borrowed money, money 
borrowed  from the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and other 
privately-owned elite financial institutions. It is the bankers who 
make the real profits through loans, and besides they invest in the 
likes of Carlyle and Halliburton, and share directly in those profits 
as well.

These elite bankers make a profit on every dollar or pound printed, 
because these currencies are issued by the central banks and loaned 
at interest to the governments. These base profits are then increased 
by the management of boom and bust 'cycles' and other financial 
manipulations. But by far the most profitable of all manipulations 
are wars, and the arms races that accompany them.  Here are some 
useful URLs on these issues:  - (third video)