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From: “M.A. Omas Schaefer”
Date: 29 July 2009 17:40:36 IST
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It is indeed chilling to think that even with the profound effect that The Obama Deception is having, that Endgame is actually the most important film for people to be watching as the global cabal, hiding in plain sight, shifts its operations into the mass liquidation phase.
Hi Omas,
Unfortunately, those who most need to see Endgame won’t watch it. Censorship has been internalized. And anyone who doesn’t speak with a university vocabulary is dismissed as being beneath notice.
Here are a couple more good videos, parts 1 and 2 of Salbuchi’s – “We, The People…” – The Insurrection:
From: Larry Tesler 
Date: 29 July 2009 17:51:03 IST
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Subject: Re: newslog 28 July 2009


Dr. Blaylock has written an Op Ed blasting the H1N1 vaccine as a conspiracy to enrich big pharmaceutical companies and kill innocent victims. He forgot to mention that his own industry, nutritional supplements, will be the one to profit if we all follow the advice in the last paragraph of his Op Ed: “There are much safer ways to protect oneself from this flu virus, such as higher doses of vitamin D3, selective immune enhancement using supplements, and a good diet.”  Is he an objective, neutral observer?
Blaylock also claims that the CDC is lying when they say there are 36,000 deaths per year from flu in the U.S. But the CDC says here that it has no way to count flu deaths. They publish an estimate to provide “a timely representation of the current burden of flu on the United States.” In other words, this estimate can be helpful directionally. A transparently explained estimate is not a “lie”.
Blaylock compares 300 H1N1 deaths worldwide during the off-season for flu in most affected countries with 36,000 deaths in the U.S. over an entire year. They are not comparable statistics. Without a vaccine, could H1N1 infect and kill more than 100 times as many people in a year as it has so far? It is not beyond reason to believe that it could.
Because of safety issues such as the ones Blaylock cites, adjuvants are normally not allowed in vaccines in the U.S. For this pandemic, the CDC may make an exception. The way I read the proceedings of this recent press conference, the CDC understands the risks and only plans to allow the adjuvants if early trials suggest they are worth taking. It will be a tough call that they are not taking lightly. In Europe, adjuvants are typically permitted, so the situation is different.
Finally, I am having difficulty reconciling two of your conspiracy theories. Read Israel to buy swine-flu vaccine for entire nation. Who is pulling the strings in this world today, the Israeli government or Big Pharma? Someone must have missed an inter-Elite memo.


Hi Larry,

Thanks for taking the time to critique the Blaylock article. I could dispute your critique, but I’m willing to accept, ‘for the sake of argument’ (interesting phrase, that), that the article is weak.

However, I’ve also published articles on the subject from Global Research, and I don’t think dismissing the Blaylock article puts an end to the question of what the swine flu phenomenon is about. Also, you speak of ‘objective, neutral observers’. I would not put the CDC in that category. Every government agency seems to be under the thumb of the relevant corporate lobbyists, and for the CDC that means the pharmaceuticals. I think their words need to be taken with the same critical view that we’d apply to any other source.

Nonetheless, let’s take the CDC’s estimate, 36,000 deaths a year from flu in the US each year. Doesn’t it bother you just a bit, that we’ve never had all this hoopla before, about ‘impending pandemics’, and WHO talking about making vaccinations globally mandatory, and the army talking about supplying troops to help with the vaccination program, and all of this with only 300 deaths worldwide so far, and symptoms from the disease usually minor? Even when the breakout first occurred, already the media campaign was gearing up about this ‘unprecedented emergency’. And Baxter or one of the other pharmaceutical companies was already filing patents on a swine flu vaccine a year before the breakout.

I find all of this quite disturbing. It’s like “We’ve got a pandemic planned, by golly we’re going to have it, and you’re all going to take your shots”. 

By the way, I’m not one of those who claims Israel is pulling the strings. I see Israel as an agent of the US, funded by the US, maintaining desired instability in the Mideast, and doing some of the dirty work in Latin America and Africa that the US doesn’t have time for. If there’s a big confrontation between Russia and the US, I imagine Israel would go up in a puff of smoke. I see them as in a very vulnerable position. 

In all of these things, how we interpret individual reports has a lot to do with our overall view of who has power and what they’re up to. I know there a lot of people who simply dismiss anything that sounds like what they call a ‘conspiracy theory’. It would seem to me this should be getting harder and harder to do. The same fellows who architected the subprime bubble, and the collapse, now in charge of Treasury, giving all of our money to their buddies? It’s in our face: it’s not the political process that runs the country. 

It makes so much difference if one is aware of the relevant history. Like, the same banking families planning World War I and funding both sides. The way the Federal Reserve got installed, and how it operates. How Hitler was nurtured and funded by Anglo-American bankers, billions made investing in German rearmament, and then billions made funding the allies. All of these things meticulously documented and established, not theories at all. The fact of elite rule is not a theory. 

For their latest machinations, it is hard to be certain of specifics, given their secrecy and all the disinformation sent around by so many sources. My starting points are usually modus operadi, and cui bono – How do these people typically operate, and Who benefits from the latest developments?

I look at the swine flu thing this way. First of all, it doesn’t make sense as publicized. There just hasn’t been nearly enough evidence of real danger to justify the response we’re seeing globally. Someone is up to something, and given the scope of the project, it seems to be our usual suspects, the top of the food chain. Not somewhere in the middle, not the pharmaceuticals. It’s not about pharmaceutical profits. They wouldn’t be allowed to pull off such a scam if it wasn’t part of a bigger picture. 

I don’t know for sure what the game plan is, but I’m sure there’s a game afoot, and it is not about protecting public health. One theory is that it’s a depopulation program, where either the vaccine itself hurts the immune system, or it contains live virus and will be the actual cause of a deadly pandemic. You probably wouldn’t consider that credible, while I see it as very much within their modus operadi. However I’m not at all sure that’s what it’s about.

I’d say more likely, the game plan is to bring about marital law. Rumors of dangerous vaccines have alarmed lots and lots of people, and there will be resistance of various kinds to any kind of mass forced inoculations. Why martial law? Because the plan for the economy is to continue tearing it down, lots more unemployment and homelessness, and probably hyper inflation. That’s exactly where current government policies are taking us, besides being what they talked about at the last Bilderberger meeting Martial law makes it easier to manage that kind of chaos, and usher in their new global currency and global government.


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