Re: query to readers re/ ppi list policies


Mark de Vos


I do not think it is necessary to create a separate list. I find that
different lists evolve differently.  Eventually the two are not compatable
and they lose the influence they have over the other.  Also, new members
might tend to subscribe to only one group but don't realise about the
existence of the other.

Rather classify mail within a single list.  That way members can always
change their options at a later date.  It also offers more flexibility
within a single list than do two (or more lists).  As time goes by the list
owner can always introduce new categories.  Using the multi-list approach it
is necessary to introduce whole lists.

I belong to a list (•••@••.•••) which uses this approach.  Each
piece of mail is coded in the subject line as TECH, EXERCISE, SUBS etc or
whatever the case may be.  When one subscribes one can set various options
so that you can get certain mail but not others.  In this way members can
personalise which mails they do and do not receive.  I think a similar
approach would work wonders for the cj.  Here are some ideas for
possible categories:
EDS: editorial stuff from RKM
SUBS: submissions and articles from others on the list
POSTS: official posts from RKM
CHAT: comments, replies and stuff from other list members.

I was going to unsubscribe from ppi today because I didn't like the new
format as much as the old one.  However, I think I will re-subscribe and see
what happens.
If you introduce the system above I think I will stay around.

Mark de Vos
freelance writer