Re: query to readers re/ ppi list policies


Robert Ward

Richard K. Moore wrote:

> The idea here is for ppi to be like a newspaper or a
> wire service, from which each
> reader can pick and choose what's of interest and discard
> / ignore the remainder.

Sounds a reasonable approach.

> People have responded to the ppi concept by sending in an increasing volume
> of very interesting material.

I would take this as an indication that the format is successful.

>  I'm not sure whether to increase the ppi
> traffic still further

Well, within reason!

> You can be sure in any case that postings will continue to be
> highly selective.

(Which in itself is of course commentary)

> One possibility would be to relaunch a separate cyberjournal list which
> would receive a subset of the ppi postings

Hmm. Doubtful about this; wouldn't you then end up with two lists possibly 
competing with each
other? If volume/quality is seen as a problem then be more selective? If 
frequency is seens as
a problem then is offering a digest an option, i.e., fewer but longer posts?

Keep up the good work!



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