re/ Trump & the NWO


Lot’s of people have commented on this latest post about the NWO and Trump’s role. I really want to encourage folks to look at the comments on postings, as that provides an opportunity for conversation in the cyberjournal community. So if there is a post that interests you, you might wait a couple of days and then go to the blog and see what people have been saying. You might want to reply to one of the comments, or add in your own comment.

I am going to have to implement a size limit however. From now on please limit comments to a couple of paragraphs. Pick your most important point.

As for the responses to the posting they were mostly positive. Some people resonated with the whole analysis, and some had reservation about some of my conclusions. I’ve responded to most of the comments on the blog, and I’ll be responding to the rest as well. I think in the long run we’ll find the comment exchange to be a very important part of cyberjournal. For now I encourage you to take a look once in while to check out the comments.

One person asked for references regarding the cabal. Below are a few search terms that provide useful background.



the money masters
the story of the rothschilds
the creature from jeckyll island
caroll quigley
the secret origins of the first world war