Re: What does `neoliberal’ mean?… terminology primer -Reply


John H. St. John

At 12:42 PM 6/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Donald M. Druker wrote:
>> a neoliberal is a liberal who's been mugged
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>I disagree. A neoliberal is a buorgeoisee who knows somebody who's been
>mugged and, when he thinks it might happen to him, is afraid of the
>logic that makes his fear both possible and reprehensible.
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>Essentialy a neoliberal is a person who sees globalization by corporations
and world government as a positive thing for humanity. He is a believer in
Wendel Wilkie's "One-World. Unfortunately corporations are only interested
in one world as a way of getting cheap labor and exploiting the environment
for raw materials. Neoliberalism is an aid to the corporations in their
process of bringing fascism to local governments, and eliminating national
regulations that would slow their exploitation of the planet's resources. 

John H. St.John