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Richard Moore

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Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 05:10:20 EDT
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THANKS VERY MUCHO---Re: more dialog re Fitts, Russo, "R", liberals, etc...


Glad it was useful to you. I think I was off the mark, however, in 
using the label 'liberal' in the analysis. I think it would have been 
better to talk about how some people hide their head in the sand one 
way, and some people in other ways. If the shoe fits someone, they 
can wear it, but no need to give the shoe a label.


From: M
To: "Richard Moore" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: Israel purposely allowing Hezbollah to send rockets into Israel
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 06:24:11 -0500

With the fascists running things you never know, Israel may run 
Hezbollah. Just as the U$A Fascist Ruling Class created the fake 
"Islamic Terrorist" menace to continue their Trillion dollar looting 
scheme for "defense", to control the local enemy (the general USA 
populace), and to be able to murder the "left" around the world. 
(i.e. "Islamic Terrorists" will conveniently show up where ever there 
is a working class revolt. Very convenient. Hey what about those 1001 
Problems with the 9/11 Fable? (i.e. the "Official Conspiracy theory" 
Presented by the U$A Controlled Gibberish Outlets aka the corporate 
This government makes all decent intelligent people retch.


Hi M,

You seem to be a bit angry, and I'm there with you. ;-)

Israel running Hezbollah? I suspect hyperbole on your part, however 
it is a theory that deserves to be considered, but ultimately 
rejected. There are many genuine freedom fighter movements in the 
world, not all are assets of imperialist powers. Hezbollah seems to 
be one of those, as their actions make perfect sense from a Lebanese 
perspective. Besides, from an Israeli perspective, Hezbollah, by 
trying to defend Lebanon, fits right into Israel's propaganda agenda. 
They are 'controlling' Hezbollah merely by provoking them to act.

As regards 911: according to recent polls, something like 40% of 
Americans now believe the government was involved in some way in the 
911 ("New Pearl Harbor") incident. And yet people keep talking about 
how the 'Truth Movement' needs to go mainstream, needs to be 
represented in the mainstream media. What is this saying about our 
sense of ourselves as citizens?

40% is a VERY large number in terms of public awareness. Consider, 
for example, that the American Revolution was actively supported by 
only about 20% of the population, the rest 'went along' for various 
reasons (voluntary or otherwise). Consider also that if someone owns 
only 5% of a corporate stock, they can usually manage to control the 
Board (barring the existence of other large blocks of stock).

We seem to be in a situation where none of us consider anything to be 
'real' unless we see it on CNN, regardless of how many of us already 
know it's true. Does this make sense?


Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 20:11:33 +0800
To: •••@••.•••
From: B
Subject: Re: Israel purposely allowing Hezbollah to send rockets into

Well, foreknowledge of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as one 
stratagem among oodles of others like WTC engineered by Bush Admin. 
for manipulation of the masses.


knowledge of history is very important in accurately interpreting 
current events - rkm

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Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 16:47:26 EDT
Subject: Re: Israel purposely allowing Hezbollah to send rockets into Israel
To: •••@••.•••

Richard,  Here's my take, for whatever it's worth. 

Wars are usually fought for economic reasons, irrespective of what 
political leaders say.  The Israeli/Lebanon conflict (plus supporting 
casts) has, what I believe, a central economic reason, i.e. water 
from the Litani river which Israel desperately needs for further 
expansion.  (Here are two good sites to consider --
   ICE Cases: Litani River Dispute:
Both were written well before the present conflict started.

Ricks is probably right----but doesn't consider all the reasons. 
With rockets reaching inside Israel, a need for a much wider buffer 
zone can, and probably will, be the central theme of an Israeli PR 
program for a much wider occupied buffer zone including at least one 
side of the Litani.  

I believe Israel has the patience to achieve its goal little by 
little and gaining control of southern Lebanon, south of the Litani 
would provide water it much needs for further expansion while 
consolidating its gains and planing its next move.  

I'm still skeptical about an attack on Iran.  Disrupting the movement 
of oil out of the Persian Gulf, even for a few weeks, could plunge 
much of the World into a depression.  The oil companies probably 
wouldn't like that.  But, we can only guess, basing our guesses on 
what little relevant information we have.

Best wishes,    Tom


Hi Tom,

The Litani River does appear to be part of the agenda, and yes, 
provoking Hezbollah to attack deeper in Israel would aid in that 
objective. But I'm not sure if that objective can be obtained if 
there is an international force in the buffer zone. I wouldn't 
describe Israel as 'patient'. I'd say rather 'relentless'.

The considerations around an Iran invasion are far too complex to be 
expressed in a single sentence about oil companies. Yes there might 
be a global economic collapse, and that might be exactly what is 
being planned. The game is about global domination, and in that game 
millions of suffering people and some short-term oil-profit losses 
may be simply the eggs that must be broken to make omelettes.


From: M2
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: Israel purposely allowing Hezbollah to send rockets into Israel

You bother me by posting the below item without a URL. So of course I 
check it out at

But you bother me even more by propagating a suggestion made by RICKS 
based on what he sez -  that he's reporting on what anonymous 
"military analysts" are suggesting, -- without anything to support 
the factual basis.

When I was a kid in the UK of the 1940's, we would make up stories 
that the Brit soldiers evacuated from France via Dunkirk  had 
purposely abandoned medical supplies - mostly castor oil  for the 
purpose of "improving" the moral of German troops.

This thing of Ricks is just as ludicrous


Hi M2,

The Hezbollah rocket attacks are critically important in the 
propaganda justification for Israel's ongoing assault. Why do you 
consider it ludicrous that Israel would want to keep this 
justification in place? And what would be the purpose of a Washington 
Post reporter, or military analysts, in planting such a story if it 
is false?


Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 18:00:42 -0700
To: "•••@••.•••" <•••@••.•••>
From: L
Subject: Great Book!!!


Wait'll you hear this . . . without me knowing it, my wife ordered 
your book after hearing about it on one of her mailing lists. When it 
came, she excitedly showed it to me and said, "Now THIS is a book you 
HAVE to read!" . . . As soon as I saw your name on the cover I knew 
she was right. . . . Until this moment, she had no idea that you and 
I had corresponded once, and that I'm a fan of your mailing list 

So I wanted to let you know that your message is spreading to the 
people who need to hear it, AND it is coming at us from many 
directions. I hope you have a great success in continuing to get your 
thoughts widely known.

Peace, love, & light,


Hi L,

Thanks, that's very encouraging news. World-of-mouth is the main way 
the book will get known, and your report is a favorable indicator. It 
looks like our August sales will be about twice our July sales, which 
is another favorable indicator.



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