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Richard Moore

Heavy Rains Drowning U.S. Crop Production Hopes
This posting is a bit late, as I’ve got about 700 messages in my in box. But 
it’s relevant nonetheless. There is little doubt in my mind that these floods 
were caused by HAARP, as a means of accelerating the program of global 
genocide through starvation. rkm  – Mon, Jul 21 2008 5:
38 am 
Venezuela Offers to Host Russian Military Bases
Venezuela Offers to Host Russian Military Bases 24 July 2008, Thursday 
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez has said his country would be willing to host 
Russian bases, the Russian news agency Interfax reported. “If Russian armed 
forces would like to be present in Venezuela, they – Fri, Jul 25 2008 1:49 am 
co2 & warming: consensus is a myth
+Warming+Debate/article12403.h tm Myth of Consensus Explodes: 
APS Opens Global Warming Debate Updated 7/17/2008 After publication of this 
story, the APS responded with a statement that its Physics and Society Forum 
is merely one unit within the APS, – Fri, Jul 25 2008 1:54 am 
Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History About to Unfold
The mentality of this author is right-wing, but the information is very 
interesting. -rkm The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History is About 
to Unfold Stock-Markets / Global Financial System Jul 23, 2008 – 04:11 PM By: 
Ty_Andros As we look out over the next six months what we see will be – Fri, 
Jul 25 2008 2:09 am 
35 errors in Al Gore’s movie
By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley October 18, 2007  Christopher 
Walter, Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, is a former policy advisor to 
Margaret Thatcher during her years as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He
may reached through SPPI, or – Fri, Jul 25 2008 2:20 am 
35 inconvenient errors in Gore film
[photos and charts in original] Written by Christopher Monckton of 
Brenchley Friday, 19 October 2007 35 Inconvenient Truths The errors in Al 
Gore’s movie October 18, 2007 Christopher Walter, Third Viscount Monckton of 
Brenchley, is a former policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher during her years as
Prime – Fri, Jul 25 2008 4:02 am 
Russia takes control of Turkmen (world?) gas
Russia takes control of Turkmen (world?) gas By M K Bhadrakumar From 
the details coming out of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan and Moscow over the weekend,
 it is apparent that the great game over Caspian energy has taken a dramatic 
turn. In the geopolitics of energy – Sat, Aug 2 2008 12:04 am 
Codex Alimentarius and the NWO – video
a must-see..
Anthrax: scapegoat terminated
 Scientist’s Suicide Linked to Anthrax Inquiry August 2, 2008 By SCOTT
SHANE and ERIC LICHTBLAU WASHINGTON — After four years pursuing one former 
Army scientist on a costly false trail, F.B.I. agents investigating the deadly
anthrax – Sat, Aug 2 2008 3:39 am 
Georgia, Russia battle over breakaway province
southossetia_N.htm?csp=34 Georgia, Russia battle over breakaway 
province TSKHINVALI, Georgia (AP) — Russia sent columns of tanks and 
reportedly bombed Georgian air bases Friday after Georgia launched a major 
military offensive Friday to retake the breakaway province of – Fri, Aug 8 
2008 2:29 pm 
Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran
heads-for-iran.html THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 2008 Massive US Naval Armada 
Heads For Iran Operation Brimstone ended only one week ago. This was the joint
US/UK/ French naval war games in the Atlantic Ocean preparing for a naval 
blockade of Iran and the likely resulting war in the Persian Gulf – Fri, Aug 8
2008 2:33 pm 
U.S. Attacks Russia Through Client State Georgia
georgia.html U.S. Attacks Russia Through Client State Georgia admin 
Prison Planet August 8, 2008  While U.S. media obsesses about John Edwards’ 
extramarital shenanigans Paul Joseph Watson [1] Prison Planet Friday, August 8,
 2008 – Sat, Aug 9 2008 12:41 am 
The Huxleyan Warning
from AMUSING OURSELVES TO DEATH by Neil Postman Foreword We were 
keeping our eye on 1984. When the year came and the prophecy didn’t, 
thoughtful Americans sang softly in praise of themselves. The roots of liberal
democracy had held. Wherever else the terror had happened, we, at least, had 
not been visited by Orwellian nightmares. – Sat, Aug 9 2008 5:23 am 
BBC: Georgia ‘pulls out of S Ossetia’
Georgia ‘pulls out of S Ossetia’ Georgia has said its troops have 
pulled out of the breakaway region of South Ossetia and that Russian forces 
are in control of its capital, Tskhinvali. But Russia said that while heavy 
artillery had been seen leaving the – Sun, Aug 10 2008 7:56 am 
Russia drives out Georgian invaders
Russia Expands Bombing Blitz in Georgia Sunday 10 August 2008 by:
 David Nowak, The Associated Press Tbilisi, Georgia – Russia expanded its 
bombing blitz Sunday against neighboring U.S.-allied Georgia, targeting the 
country’s – Sun, Aug 10 2008 11:25 am 
Russia insistent on full disengagemet
..You’ve got to admire the US for its outlandish audacity. They’ve been 
causing regime change after regime change, from Yugoslavia to Iraq to 
Afghanistan to all the CIA-sponsored ‘colored revolutions’ (including the one 
in Georgia), and now they cry wolf when Russia, quite justifiably, decides to 
play the game as well. – Sun, Aug 10 2008 3:24 pm 
Chossudovsky: a wider US-Russian confrontation?
See url for images, maps ******************** War in the Caucasus: 
Towards a Broader Russia-US Military Confrontation? by Michel Chossudovsky 
Global Research, August 10, 2008 During the night of August 7, coinciding with
the opening ceremony of – Sun, Aug 10 2008 11:20 pm 
Russia prepares for naval blockade of Georgia
Russia Prepares for Naval Blockade of Georgia Kommersant August 9, 2008
Ships are grouping in the Black Sea near the Georgian aquatic border. A 
unnamed naval source has said that the move is necessary to prevent arms 
deliveries to Georgia by sea. He added that the naval blockade of – Sun, Aug 
10 2008 11:24 pm 
Russians Push Past Separatist Area
…Now that the Axis has roused the Bear from its cave, it would make perfect 
sense for the Bear to take that opportunity to clear the nest of vipers the US
has installed in Georgia. -rkm  August 11, 2008 Russians Push Past 
Separatist Area to Assault Central Georgia – Mon, Aug 11 2008 1:40 am 
Ron Paul: Iran Attack Plan Has ‘Green Light’
Ron Paul Affirms: Iran Attack Plan Has ‘Green Light’ By Steve Watson 
Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) has warned millions of radio listeners that the United 
States is heading into an illegal attack on Iran, stating his amazement at 
members of Congress who have openly voiced support – Mon, Aug 11 2008 10:00 am
Georgia: a good propaganda piece
This article is very instructive re/British propaganda methods. See if you can
find all the misrepresentations, distortions, and here’s- how-you-should-think
spins. -rkm ____ – Mon, Aug 11 2008 11:17 pm 
Engdahl: Washington Risks Nuclear War by Miscalculation
Russia Georgia War Washington Risks Nuclear War by Miscalculation By F 
William Engdahl 11/08/08 “Market Oracle” — – The dramatic military attack by
the military of the Republic of Georgia on South Ossetia in the last days has 
brought the world one major step closer to the ultimate horror of – Mon, Aug 
11 2008 11:22 pm 
Russia responds to anti-ballistic missile systems
World Socialist Web Site WSWS : News & Analysis : Europe : 
Russia & the former USSR Russia responds to American anti-ballistic missile 
systems in Europe By Vladimir Volkov 12 August 2008 In the leadup to the 
present clash between Russian and Georgian – Tues, Aug 12 2008 2:28 am 
US sending more arms to Georgia
Israeli media says US sending more arms to Georgia Russia Today August 
11, 2008 The United States is sending fresh supplies of weapons to Georgia 
from its base in the Jordanian port of Aqabah. That’s according to the Israeli
newspaper – Maariv. The paper says the US began flying weapons from the 
transport hub on – Tues, Aug 12 2008 9:05 am 
Mike Whitney analyzes the Russia-Georgia situation
…If this is true, then the US planners have gotten it wrong. This situation 
is nothing like Afghanistan in the late 1980s. Russia has overwhelming local 
support in the breakaway provinces, which it lacked in Afghanistan, and Russia
is not marginal economically, as it was then. I don’t see any significant 
quagmire forming here. Apart – Thurs, Aug 14 2008 2:08 am 
Russia and China settle longstanding territorial disputes
Russia and China settle longstanding territorial disputes By John Chan 
14 August 2008 Russia and China signed a landmark deal on July 21, officially 
ending all outstanding territorial disputes between the two countries. Under 
the agreement, Russia will hand over Yinlong Island (known as – Thurs, Aug 14 
2008 4:27 am 
NY Times sums up Georgian operation
Friends, The NY Times does us a favor here by laying out the primary elements 
of this episode, from the US party-line perspective. …In other words, the US
is not going to interfere in any substantive way with Russian moves in Georgia.
 Symbolic support is being given, in the form of a “humanitarian mission”, but
that’s all. – Thurs, Aug 14 2008 4:51 am 
Russia Vows to Support Two Enclaves
…This is a very reasonable position, given Georgia’s outrageous behavior, 
and it clarifies the new status quo. …I saw a Russian general being 
interviewed on Irish TV. When asked about the US humanitarian mission, he said
there was no problem with that whatever. Russia understands very well that 
this ‘mission’ is – Thurs, Aug 14 2008 9:08 am 
Pravada: Mr. Bush, Enough!!
Perhaps it is the US that will be isolated internationally, rather than Russia.
 Would certainly make more sense. rkm ___ bushenough-0   Mr.
Bush, Enough!! 14.08.2008  Source: Pravda.Ru So you have the colossal 
audacity, Mr. Bush, to “warn” Russia to – Thurs, Aug 14 2008 1:32 pm 
US missiles to Poland: the reason for Georgia’s puppet aggression?
…The other shoe drops! The US-sponsored attack by Georgia was, in part, a 
sales ploy for getting missiles into Poland! Everyone knows the purpose of 
those missiles is to help enable a US first strike on Russia. The ‘defense 
against Iran’ rationale is ludicrous. I have a suspicion the aroused Bear 
might not tolerate these missiles. The – Thurs, Aug 14 2008 11:02 pm 
US creates powder keg in Poland
…Very interesting. This expands on what we learned in the previous newslog 
posting (US missiles to Poland: the reason for Georgia’s puppet aggression?). 
Washington wanted to install its missiles in Poland, and it wanted them manned
by US personnel to make it harder for the Russians to destroy the silos. This 
would have put the US on – Fri, Aug 15 2008 1:08 am 
 BBC pushing one-sided propaganda
us-russia-proxy-war.html Media portrays US/NATO client state 
Georgia as victim despite war crimes provocation to launch conflict Paul 
Joseph Watson Prison Planet Monday, August 11, 2008 The truth behind who is 
primarily responsible for the bloodshed – Tues, Aug 12 2008 9:10 am 
Neocons Now Love International Law
————- Neocons Now Love International Law By Robert Parry 
August 12, 2008 It’s touching how American neoconservatives who have no regard
for international law when they want to invade some troublesome country have 
developed a sudden reverence for national sovereignty. – Wed, Aug 13 2008 9:33
Chomsky: a good interview (video)
A well-done interview that gets Chomsky to express is core beliefs.. ___
________ subscribe mailto: newlog-subscribe@googlegroups. com 
websites: – Wed, Aug 13 2008 9:49 pm 
How to conceal massive economic collapse
August 14th, 2008 – ———————–
——- ———— —- “I’m in show business, why come to me?” – Fri, Aug 
15 2008 10:14 am 
EU rejects US position re/Russia
EU meeting on Georgia reveals tensions between European powers and US 
By Stefan Steinberg 15 August 2008 Despite intense pressure from a number of 
Eastern European states, supported by Western European powers such as Great 
Britain and Sweden, the declaration issued by European Union (EU) foreign – 
Fri, Aug 15 2008 1:04 pm 
Enver Masud – “9/11: What Really Happened” (video)
Enver Masud, founder of The Wisdom Fund – [link], is interviewed on iTV, 
broadcast to Sub-Saharan Africa, on November 30, 2007. In this interview Masud
debunks the official, conspiracy theory regarding the events of September 11, 
2001. Also see Appendix at – Fri, Aug 15 2008 11:44 pm 
US announces new Cold War
..So speaks the President of the most bullying & intimidating nation in the 
world. This article is interesting in that it lays out the new Cold War 
position of the US, which was clearly why the US initiated the Georgian 
incidents. rkm _____ – Sat, Aug 16 2008 5:18 am 
Missiles in Poland & entangling alliances
Friends, When Britain was laying its trap for Germany, in order to start World
War I, one of the main tools London used was entangling alliances. Germany was
encircled by nations who all agreed, under British pressure, to come to one 
another’s aid if Germany attacked. Once this was all set up, then it took only
one contrived incident (the – Sat, Aug 16 2008 6:05 am 
John Pilger: Don’t Forget Yugoslavia
…August 16, 2008 Don’t Forget Yugoslavia by John Pilger The secrets 
of the crushing of Yugoslavia are emerging, telling us more about how the 
modern world is policed. The former chief prosecutor of the International 
Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia in – Sun, Aug 17 2008 3:24 am 
Climate: the case for solar causation
Comments welcome on this article, particularly informed ones. rkm Here 
are the first few paragraphs of the article: ____ Solar Cycle 
24: Implications for the United States David Archibald International 
Conference on Climate Change – Sun, Aug 17 2008 3:35 am 
Kurt Nimmo: Dangerous Brinkmanship with Russia
Bush Speech Continues Dangerous Brinkmanship with Russia Kurt Nimmo 
Infowars August 17, 2008 In the video here, Bush tells us Condi has met with 
the globalist cartel in Brussels and they have decided Russia needs to forget 
about the rape of South Ossetia by the “democrat” Saakashvili and remove – Sun,
 Aug 17 2008 10:37 pm 
Russia considers awesome counter-measures
Russia considers nuclear missiles for Syria, Mediterranean, Baltic 
Posted By admin On August 17, 2008 @ 4:15 pm In World News | 32 Comments 
DEBKAfile August 17, 2008 DEBKAfile’s military sources report Moscow’s planned
retaliation for America’s missile interceptors in Poland and US-Israeli 
military aid – Sun, Aug 17 2008 10:44 pm 
Mike Whitney: analysis of Georgia, Poland, etc.
Putin’s Winning Hand: Once the Atlantic Alliance is shattered, 
America’s lifeline to the world is kaput By Mike Whitney 16/08/08 “ICH” — – 
There are no military installations in the city of Tskhinvali. In fact, there 
are no military targets at all. It is – Sun, Aug 17 2008 11:51 pm 
NYTimes: Russia consolidates its position in South Ossetia
Friends, The phrase “withdrawal from Georgia” seems to have two different 
interpretations. Washington wants “Georgia” to include South Ossetia and 
Abkhazia. Russia has made it clear that those provinces are now part of Russia,
 as the populations there have overwhelmingly voted. As this article reports, 
Russia is backing up that quite justified – Mon, Aug 18 2008 1:20 am 
Irish government prepares public spending cuts, lay-offs
World Socialist Web Site WSWS : News & Analysis : Europe : 
Ireland Irish government prepares public spending cuts, lay-offs By Jordan 
Shilton 18 August 2008 An article in the Sunday Business Post on July 27 
revealed that the Irish government is to initiate severe cuts to public 
spending over – Mon, Aug 18 2008 1:25 am 
Sorcha Faal: Putin Orders ‘Nuclear Noose’ Put Around US
Friends, I don’t normally publish Faal’s stuff, as he, or she, is usually over
the top in her unverifiable claims. In this piece, however, she makes sense 
and some of the details she mentions I’ve seen corroborated by reliable 
sources. In any case, I think the viewpoint is worth seeing. -rkm ____
_ – Mon, Aug 18 2008 12:43 pm 
Russia wary of Georgian false-flag attacks
Russian General Says Georgia May Commit False Flag Terror Attacks Paul 
Joseph Watson Prison Planet Monday, August 18, 2008 Deputy Chief of the 
Russian General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn warns that Georgia may be planning to
commit false flag terror attacks by using mercenaries dressed in Russian 
uniforms, as Russia moved to – Tues, Aug 19 2008 12:34 am 
BBC spin on ‘NATO vs Russia’
Friends, It is educational to observe the subtleties of spin, the ways lies 
can at the same time be nearly true. And it’s informative to notice which 
parts of the story get distorted, and which come through more or less straight.
 This reveals concerns and intentions on the part of the spinners – the 
mouthpieces of the New World Order. In the – Tues, Aug 19 2008 5:43 pm 
US pushes Europe toward new Iron Curtain
…Thus the US creates a problem that it know will not go away. …Right, the 
US & NATO are drawing the line themselves, and already planning to blame that 
on Russia. rkm _____ World Socialist Web Site WSWS : 
News & Analysis : Europe – Wed, Aug 20 2008 7:07 am 
George Monbiot: realities of ‘missile defense’
…This is a good example of the ‘asymmetric strategy’ being actively employed
by Russia and China. The classic example is, “You build a multi-billion-dollar
carrier; I knock it out with a million-dollar missile”. I find US policy a bit
confusing at this point. I don’t think the folks at the top are dummies, so 
there must be something I’m not – Wed, Aug 20 2008 11:37 am 
India Nuclear Deal Could Trigger Arms Race
…So what that’s they’re going to call the post-oil, nuclear fuel cartel rkm
 race-us-lawmakers  India Nuclear Deal Could Trigger Arms 
Race: US Lawmakers Wednesday 20 August 2008 by: Agence France-Presse 
Washington – A nuclear energy deal between the United States and – Wed, Aug 20
2008 1:17 pm 
US oil pipeline politics and the Russia-Georgia conflict
World Socialist Web Site WSWS : News & Analysis : Europe US oil 
pipeline politics and the Russia-Georgia conflict By Alex Lantier 21 August 
2008 US media claims about Georgian democracy notwithstanding, a key factor in
US backing for Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili in – Thurs, Aug 21 2008 
1:45 am