Don Nordin: A Voyage Through Dark Times


Richard Moore

I’ve known Don for many years, and I stayed with him and his wife for a few days in Lumby, where I gave a talk at a gathering he arranged. He’s the most prolific publisher of red-pill news I know – the only one whose messages broke Eudora, because they exceeded the allowed folder size (number-of-messages limit). Most of Don’s stuff is on-the-money good info, although I think a few of his forwards are beyond credibility, and he gets criticized for that. But I’m glad to see the full spectrum of what’s going around on the net, even if it’s just to study net mythology. Thanks, Don for the full spectrum!
Don’s letter, below, is well worth reading. It’s a personal statement, about a personal journey, and a state of mind that has been reached. I’ve talked in the past about a certain kind of hopelessness – a productive kind – and Don’s letter expresses that very well. This kind of hopelessness is not about despair or resignation, not really. It is about recognizing what has not worked, and acknowledging that we need to be doing something else and we don’t know what that is
For many, such a state of hopelessness can lead directly to resignation. I’ve heard so many say, “I can’t change anything so I’m just going to take care of my family and forget the rest”. But for those who are serious and determined, reaching this state-of-mind can be a major step forward on your path. 
It is only when we give up on the old approaches that space becomes available for new insights to emerge. Scientists know this, and so do inventors, therapists, and group facilitators. It’s a principle that crops up everywhere, and there’s even a sanskrit phrase for it, neti neti, literally ‘not that, not that’, which can be used as a kind of meditation guide or mantra..

Unfortunately, even if one avoids resignation and – ‘opens oneself to the universe for new insights’ – one cannot expect a dream that night or a vision the next morning, where all becomes clear. Perseverance is required. When you realize that we need to be doing something else, and accept that we don’t know what that is, that is not the end of the line – that is the beginning of a quest. Like Diogenes, when he first lifted his lantern, you now know what you’re looking for. The next part of the path involves venturing forth with that lantern, looking high and low for that which can work. The lantern of real hope, and that special kind of hopelessness, are one and the same thing.
thanks don for your words,
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From: “Don Nordin” <•••@••.•••>
Date: August 23, 2008 3:22:54 AM GMT+01:00
Subject: A VOYAGE THROUGH DARK TIMES – A Personal Email from Don Nordin
Are you expecting a miracle?  Well that’s about what it has come down to.
Those of us that have been keeping our eye on the ball for at least the last
decade (I’ve been looking at the situation and fighting for positive change
for 30 years now) know that we are now in very serious trouble.  Although
those of us that are politically active have probably had an effect in
preventing things from deteriorating quite so quickly, nevertheless things
are still deteriorating at a rapid pace.  It is obvious now that we are a
hair’s breadth away from a full blown fascist dictatorship in the U.S.,
followed by a similar state of affairs in Canada.  (I won’t speak for the
rest of the countries in the world, many of which are in the same situation
or worst).
In my 30 years of activism I have tried many things.  A partial summary:
I have participated on a grassroots level in the Nanaimo area where
collective community activism resulted in some successes.  This was due in
part to the presence of an independent press in Nanaimo.  But now there is
no independent press in Nanaimo and few in the whole of Canada.
I have worked in the executive of the Mid Island Solidarity coalition under
the “leadership” of Operation Solidarity.  But a massive fightback, on the
verge of bringing down the provincial government, was sold out by Jack
Munro, the then IWA boss.
I have worked with David Orchard of Citizens Concerned About Free Trade as
an organizer to set up educational meetings across B.C. on the Free Trade
issue.  This work helped put in office many NDP MPs in the province.  But
the NDP never carried the fight forward and the mass media continued to
actively work to promote the corporate-aligned mainstream parties.  Orchard
left the fight and tried unsuccessfully and hopelessly to create change from
within the corporate parties.
I worked 17 years as a volunteer radio programmer at CFRO (right now I am
taking an indefinate time off due to health problems).  This radio work was,
at times, very discouraging due to many reasons.  Let’s just say that my
efforts were not rewarded in proportion to the work, time and money that I
put into programming.
Now I am in a position of retreat, living on a small acreage in South
Central B.C. and trying to prepare for catastrophic times ahead that I have
seen coming for many years while simultaneously fighting to regain my
health.  In Lumby, where I am at present, I have spent two years holding
monthly video educationals on political issues.  This work is in limbo.  And
I have spent time searching the Net for important articles and disseminating
them to email correspondents, which I continue to do.
And now we are where we are.
So you might say that’s a brief outline of what feels like 30 years of
banging my head against a brick wall.
I have to be honest and say that I receive very little feedback from my
email correspondents.  Some of them are even hostile toward me for sending
out articles that they do not agree with.  Recently, what I thought was a
friend and a political activist has even quit corresponding with me.  I find
this very sad because it is an example
of the intolerance of some activists and the degree to which we have become
isolated from each other.  And this state of affairs weakens our collective
efforts and causes further divisions when we need to work together for a
common vision with (need I say) love.
Kevin Barrett’s recent article, Twilight of the Psychopaths, really focused
on an important point.  We really are controlled from the top by a relative
few psychopaths who have virtually total power over us.  It is this basic
fact that many people refuse to admit.  So it almost makes me cry when I
continue to see a good part of our strategy is to hopelessly try and change
the mindset of these psychopaths who are purposely placed in political
power.  The cognizant person must realize that this is a useless strategy.
Another important recent article was The Big Sting by Bob Chapman.  This
shows, among other things, that virtually everything including the financial
situation is feing manipulated out of sight and out of our control.  Our
sovereignty and our economy is being systematically destroyed and we are
being driven into serfdom.
As if things weren’t bad enough, we are now victims of the machinations of
the ruling elite’s push for global dominance with a real risk of global
nuclear war (the end of “civilization” and the beginning of a quick die-off
on nearly all of the world’s population).
I would like to be able to offer a smorgasbord of tactics we could get
involved in (with the distant hope that enough of us would get involved in
trying to save ourselves).  But I’m not going to try right now.  I’ll just
say that I think we have to quit doing the things that we have habitually
been doing and that have been ineffective.
As you know, some of us are trying to prepare for a very bad outcome, where
the infrastructure breaks down and our government turns totally against us
in an effort to impose tyranny and to kill us outright.  This has taken the
form of people’s militias being formed with the acquisition of arms and
ammunition; of the organization of small like-minded communities for basic
survival; of the stockpiling of food for imminent food shortages; of the
conversion of fiat money into precious metal currency in the preparation for
drastic currency devaluation; of a back-to-the land movement in an effort to
be at least partially self-sufficient and even of a flight out of the most
dangerous countries and into relatively safe havens (at least for now).
This may be the best and only strategy that some of us with adequate means
can implement.  To low income people and those with little means surviving
on small pensions, the long term prospects look very grim.
Others have resigned themselves to be willing victims of fate.  They may
believe the prophecies of the Bible or of some other prophecy from some
other source and they may believe that there is a greater movement afoot
that none of us can affect or avoid.  This enables them to carry on with
life in the short term and not have to be concerned or not have to take
responsibility.  I can understand such a mindset and how it makes perfect
sense to them.  And then there are the religious fanatics that think that a
catastrophe will be their ticket to heaven and eternal life in a better
otherworld.  I see this as delusional thinking.
Having said all of this, I will continue to follow events.  It’s my nature.
But I trust you will not be too upset if I, at times, cut back the volume of
my emails to you.  I feel some of you just delete them anyway or fail to
read them.  In fact I have had people tell me to take them off my list as
they don’t have time to read email articles or don’t want to think about
what I am sending.  So be it.
So there it is.  I will end this correspondence by simply saying “good luck
in whatever you do”.  I hope you make the right choices.  Time is short.
– Don.