Operation ‘The Eagle Strikes’ – US plans revealed


Richard Moore

Like most people who have any awareness of the world, you’ve probably been wondering about the events in Georgia. Is Russia going to be ‘isolated’? Is NATO going to expand into Georgia and the Ukraine? Will Russia bomb the missile systems the US is deploying in Poland? Might things spiral out of control into a nuclear exchange? I too have been wondering, and watching the developments carefully. The picture is now beginning to become clear. 
The first thing to realize is that everything that is happening has been planned out well in advance by the usual suspects in Washington. The events have not in any sense been caused by tensions in the Caucus, rather those tensions have provided a convenient venue for Washington to pursue its grand designs. 
The second thing to realize is that Russia has no interest whatsoever in conflict. By this I don’t mean ‘Russia is good’, but rather ‘Russia is sensible’. The conflicts now and to come are entirely the creation of US/EU elites, in their pursuit of global domination. 
The third thing to realize – and this is well known in both Washington and Moscow – is that the US has been preparing for many years to carry out a nuclear first-strike against Russia. That’s what Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ was about, and the thread continues to space-based lasers, and right down to the missiles in Poland. 
The fourth thing to realize is the reason why this first strike is critical to US/EU elite interests. Without it, the overwhelming balance of global power will shift to Eurasia, to Russia and China. Eurasia is growing rapidly economically, while the US & EU are in rapid economic decline, and these trends are not going to change without decisive military intervention.
There was a period where it seemed Russia could be defeated without a conflagration. Under Yeltsin, Washington thought it could destroy Russia from within. And then later the ‘colored revolutions’ looked like they might succeed. Those schemes, however, failed. The Russian Bear is now fully awake, with pockets full of cash, and prepared to defend its interests. Not a scenario that pleases a bully who wants to be King of the Schoolyard.
That’s the background to the events in Georgia.
What we are now seeing is the countdown to the first strike. There are many dimensions to the project. The military capability is only one part. Equally important is the psy-ops preparation.
Militarily, the US is not ready yet. The missile defense systems still need a few years to be sufficiently effective to enable a first strike with minimal damage to the US from Russian retaliation. Evidently, the Pentagon now has a reliable date for when it will be ready, and that’s the reason for the launch of the psy-ops part of the project.
That’s what the Georgian incident was all about: the beginning of a psy-ops project, Demonizing Russia. Washington hit Russia  with provocation it couldn’t ignore (‘an offer it couldn’t refuse’), and then the propaganda machine (ie, the Western media) launched its well-prepared campaign of lies and deception. 
This is only the beginning. Washington and its toady NATO will push Russia again and again, forcing it into moves that will be increasingly easy to demonize. By such means Washington will create a situation where populations in the West think of Russia as expansionist, just like in the Cold War. As the first-strike capability nears readiness, the pushing will be accelerated. Ultimately Russia will be forced to take an action that will be perceived by Western audiences as ‘going too far’, and that will be the excuse for the first strike. Of course I have no idea what the code name for this whole project is, but The Eagle Strikes might be it.