rkm asks: who are you now?


Currently cyberjournal has over 400 subscribers. I don’t know how many of those folks actually read the postings. I know in my case I subscribe to many sources, and often don’t open a posting if the headline doesn’t grab my attention.

There are only a handful of you who typically respond to postings. I appreciate those responses, but the rest of the 400 are a mystery to me. How likely are they to look at postings? Do they get something from them? Do they agree, disagree? What are their viewpoints? What are their concerns?

One of my main themes over the years has been ‘matrix vs. reality’ – the idea that mainstream reality is illusion & deception, a veil pulled over our eyes, to keep us from seeing the world as it really is. What is reality for you?

I’d be very grateful if you’d send me a few words, so I’d have a better understanding of who it is I’m trying to communicate with. Anything you say will be kept private. Even better, if you’re into sharing your thoughts, you can comment on this posting on the cyberjournal blog.

As regards my own views on ‘the world as it really is’, below is a list of items I’ve posted recently to the newslog blog.



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