rkm: brief status report


Richard Moore

Bcc: interested parties


Last week I attended a conference on “Creating Resilient Communities” at the Tipperary Institute. The week before that I was working on an important essay, which I kept thinking was ‘just about done’, but still requires more work. As a result, I’m way behind on email, particularly your many thoughtful messages. 

As regards the conference, a lot of good information was presented and I’m glad I went… but I was very disappointed regarding the opportunities for attendees to participate. There were lots of good people there, with experience and insights, and under the title of “participation” they had us do inane, stifling exercises that might have been useful for grade school kids, but were an insult to intelligent adults. No opportunity to actually engage with one another and share what we knew, or to develop and provide useful feedback to the conference organizers. Once again, I find the weak point in almost everything we do is good process. I even walked two miles in the rain the next day to discuss this with the organizers, but they couldn’t be bothered and wouldn’t talk to me.

Yesterday I posted the newslog items, today I’ll catch up on personal messages, and tomorrow I’ll post your messages. After that, probably Wednesday, I’ll share the essay, which is still in development. It builds on our ‘beliefs’ thread, and brings in culture, community, dialog, and more. 

all the best,