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1) West Coast tour this Fall
2) Some comments on current events
3) My Electric Universe videos
4) Feedback re/
Degeneracy and Fundamentalism of Western Media Control

West Coast tour this Fall
My home base will be in Palo Alto from 1 October to 18 November. But most of that time I’ll be touring, from LA up to Vancouver Island, hoping to hook up with old and new friends. Let me know if you’re interested, and of any good or bad times on your calendar.

I’m mainly interested in catching up with folks, exchanging ideas, etc. But of course I’d always be up for any kind of organized discussion with a small group, if you’re motivated for that. We could talk about some topic of local concern, or any of the topics mentioned below.

Some comments on current events
One of the things I find most troubling these days is the stark contrast between reality and what is presented in the Western mainstream media – CNN, NY Times, PBS, BBC, etc. The metaphor of the matrix, a fabricated reality, has never been more apt. As with any competent propaganda regime, the truth is told about little things, so that the lies about big things can inherit a bit of perceived credibility. As major events unfold, they are presented with a false narrative, and then those false narratives are noted as fact in interpreting later events, extending the scope of the false narrative.

The most obvious example is how Russia is treated in the media. The major events include the conflicts in Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea, Syria – and the election of Trump. As these events have unfolded, a narrative has been put forward in which Russia is in each case the bad guy, engaging in acts contrary to the norms of international relations and humanitarian concerns. For anyone captivated by this narrative, it is very hard to entertain the possibility that some single part of it is a lie. It all fits together so convincingly. In order to escape from such a captivity one must ‘escape from the matrix’ – open ones eyes to a totally different narrative, one that conforms to reality.

One problem I have, in posting things to you cyberjournal folks, is that I don’t know to what extent I’m preaching to the choir, or on the other hand saying things to people who think I’m some kind of conspiracy nut. Unfortunately people mostly send me responses if they agree with me. I’d very much welcome rants from people who disagree, and I respect it when such people say ‘not for publication’.

Here’s a brief rkm litmus test… I say you are captivated by the false-narrative matrix if you believe any of the following:
– Russia interfered in the Presidential election and hacked DNC data
– Russia invaded Ukraine and illegally seized Crimea
– Russia is a threat to Europe
– Syria has used chemical weapons
– Russia was somehow involved in the Skripal poisonings

Another thing I’m concerned about these days is the top-down, Soros-style Cultural Revolution going on in the West. Dogmatic PC pluralism combined with fierce ideological intolerance. Everyone is ‘included in the family’ except for those who don’t agree with the ideology. It is important to remember that a core feature of totalitarian regimes, whether they be on the Communist Left or the Fascist Right has always been a strictly enforced orthodoxy. In the Soviet Union, dissidents were sent away for ‘psychological re-education’. If they didn’t believe in The Revolution, they must be deranged. Are you one of those who thinks the ‘basket of deplorables’ are psychologically disturbed?

My Electric Universe videos
EU2015 main-stage presentation:
The Pulsating Universe and Planet Earth

Space News episodes:
Why Do Stars and Planets Have Magnetic Fields?

Birkeland Currents and Our Electric Solar System

Feedback re/
Degeneracy and Fundamentalism of Western Media Control

Janet Hicks King wrote:
Thank you very much Richard – I was not aware of NEO!
All the best,


Jerold Hubbard wrote:
Thanks for this information!


William Engdahl wrote:
To Richard,
In the event you are interested I attach a pdf of my new book:
Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance
– Best regards, William

Thanks William for my own personal copy of the book! I recommend it highly to everyone. The link above goes to Amazon, and here’s the table of contents:

Freedom is Slavery: Destroying Nations in the Name of Democracy

Doing What the CIA Did, but Privately

A Pope, the NED and Poland Shock Therapy

The Rape of Russia: The CIA’s Yeltsin Coup d’État

Soros and the Harvard Boys Join Yeltsin and the KGB

The CIA, NGOs and the Myth of Tiananmen

Washington and Their NGOs Disintegrate Yugoslavia

Otpor! – Fake Democracy in Serbia

A Cold War Ended Not

NATO Banging on Moscow’s Door: Georgia and Ukraine Color Revolutions Shake Russia

The Middle East: “Where the Prize Ultimately Lies”