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Tasha wrote:
Dear Richard:
     Hope this finds you well. Quick question– have your regular emails stopped  sending out updates for cyberjournal/newslog etc? I am still very interested in receiving your updates and dialogs. I truly believe you are one of the original thinkers of our time, as well as a great facilitator of knowledge and discussion and insights. Please let me know what’s up. Thank you for your time.
Sincerely yours,

Hi Tasha,

Thanks for your kind words. We had a bereavement in our family. In May my Mom died, about a month before her 90th birthday. Since then I’ve been occupied with traveling to Kauai, helping with arrangements, being with my brother & sister, sorting through Mom’s possessions, etc. Now I’m in California, spending time with my kids, grandkids, and friends. I probably won’t have time for postings until late August or early September. 

Also, as I said in earlier postings, I’ve grown weary of posting about world events. I’ve gone about as far as I can go with big-picture analysis, and the ‘Featured articles and postings’ on my website cover the main points. As regards current events, they are too depressing to contemplate. The US is engaged in aggressive warfare all over the world, as it prepares the way for the banksters new world order. If you want intelligent commentary you can get it from Global Research and from RT (Russia Today).  There’s little I can add. If you want blatant lies, the comforting blue pill, you can get it from the US mainstream media. If you want pro-Agenda 21 propaganda, you can get it from the US ‘alternative’ media, with all of its nonsense about ‘global warming’.

I will say something about Ukraine, in case you’ve been asleep, or following the mainstream media (indistinguishable activities). The US installed an openly fascist / neo-Nazi regime in Kiev, and has been instructing that regime to bomb and shell civilians in the east and south. They’re hoping to force Russia to step in and protect the ethnically Russian population, so that the US can accuse Russia of ‘aggression’ and separate Russia from the EU economically. Or, alternatively, they could use ‘aggression’ as an excuse to start World War 3, with a nuclear first-strike on Russia. 

When I do have the time and inclination to look at all this depressing stuff, I post material to my facebook page, because it is so convenient to do so. That page is public, so you should be able to look at it even if you’re not a facebook user. (Let me know if you have problems). 

I’ve also grown weary of posting about ‘how we can change things’. Those who are activists already have their own projects, and they aren’t interested in my ideas. Those who aren’t activists aren’t going to do anything, so sharing my ideas with them is a waste of time. And my ideas are pretty much covered on my website, above the ‘Featured articles and postings’. 

I’ve put in 20 years of hard work writing about ‘how the world works and what we can do to change it’. Now I want to spend time enjoying whatever years I have left, and writing about what interests me, which is science, not politics. Below is a description of a talk I’ll be giving in Martinez on July 16.

best wishes,

2014 Jul 16th – Wed at 6:00 PM 
RICHARD KELLY MOORE: The Suppressed Electrical Universe Theory and its Importance for Understanding Climate Change. 
Potluck dinner followed with a presentation by a Stanford Mathematicians who helped create Silicon Valley and now lives in Ireland researching and writing about how the world really operates and what we can do to improve it. 
Location: Penthouse at Sergio Lub’s office: 3800 Vista Oaks Drive, Martinez, CA 
Website – Event Details – RSVP