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Richard Moore


There have been several interesting developments.

The first is that there is going to be a Wisdom Council here in 
Wexford!  :-)  It happened this way. I was invited to be on a panel 
show at the local radio station, and in the discussion people were 
saying that Ireland needs to have a public dialog about where it's 
going, and how it can deal with all the dislocations caused by rapid 
economic growth. Unexpectedly, here was a perfect opportunity to 
bring up the Wisdom Council, which is a mechanism for facilitating 
public dialog. Out of that we decided to go for it, and the people 
involved are well-networked in the community and well able to carry 
through with this kind of project.

Ireland is unusually well suited to this kind of process, as it is a 
small population, and the culture  is strong in sense of community, 
community-based networks, etc. And people generally are conscious  of 
the fact that  Ireland has problems and solutions have not been 
forthcoming from government. The publicity problem is also much 
easier in Ireland than in more populous places. We can cover the 
nation with local radio interviews, and we think we can get the 
attention of RTE, the national TV network, to do a current affairs 
program on the Council.


The second development is that I'm working with Bob Ocegueda, a 
long-time subscriber, to develop an animation version of the new blog 
(http://governourselves.blogspot.com/). We think we can do something 
with the potential to be popular in the YouTube world.

By the way, if you've seen the new blog, and you think it's worth 
telling people about, please do so, ie forward to other lists etc.


I'll be doing another tour up to Victoria and back to San Francisco 
in October, and that is shaping up well. I'll be visiting several 
places where Wisdom Councils are underway and we can exchange notes 
on what we're learning from these experiments. I'll also be visiting 
many of the folks I visited last year, but there won't be as many 
public events arranged this time. More a networking tour than a 
speaking tour.


All of this, however, is contingent on the world not falling apart 
sometime in September. In Bush's latest speech he seems to be making 
it clear that it's when not whether, and sooner not later, as regards 
launching a nuclear strike on Iran. Simultaneously, and perhaps not 
coincidentally, the global economy is rapidly collapsing. (See latest 
newslog  http://groups.google.com/group/newslog/topics). An attack on 
Iran would definitely lead to the blockage of shipping in the Gulf, 
due to Iranian missile attacks on US warships, and the resulting oil 
crisis will compound the economic crisis. It seems clear to me that 
an attack on Iran would be preceded by a major false-flag incident, 
and followed by the imposition of martial law, ostensibly to stop 
further 'terrorist attacks', but really to keep the population under 
tight control in a wartime / collapse scenario. Welcome to the Fourth 

So I'd say there's a reasonable chance I'll be stuck on Kauai for a 
lot longer than September. You'll probably need to fill out a 
Homeland Security application, and wait for approval, before you can 
travel by air. And air travel generally will probably be shut down 
for a while, as after the 9/11. Perhaps they'll choose that same date 
again, although many are talking about Labor Day weekend.

For those of you who understand about psychic things I might point 
out that disasters tend to happen when I visit Kauai. These include 
the Seattle anti-globalization protests / police riots, the Whittier 
earthquake (relevant as my family lived in Whittier for many years), 
the Iniki hurricane, and 9/11 itself. The theory here would be that 
my unconscious premonitions of disasters draw me to schedule my visit 
so as to be with family then.

interesting times indeed,


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