rkm status report: project sabbatical


Richard Moore


It seems that I’m currently on a sabbatical from our various email lists. I didn’t plan it, but since the middle of May I’ve found myself engaged in various projects. I’m still working on the community-development / local currency model, and I’ve been finding a network of people who are providing feedback on that as it progresses. 
This is a project that isn’t going to go away. Documenting the development process is just the beginning. The next step is to find a way to get the process going somewhere. My mission in life is to find a way for us to escape the matrix, and this project is my latest attempt. 
The basic objective, community awakening / empowerment, has not changed for some time now, since Zen of Global Transformation, back in 2002. Since then I’ve done lots of research, and tried a few experiments, such as the Phoenix gathering. The components of what needs to happen have been tested and verified in various ways, with lessons coming from both successes and failures.
The missing ingredient has always been motivation. Unless a lot of people in a community are involved, nothing very interesting is going to happen. And until something very interesting happens, not many people are going to get involved. Catch 22.  The community-development process I’m working on deals with the problem of motivation in a systematic way. 

Each stage of the process offers clear immediate benefits, and at the end of each stage the conditions have  been created to enable the next stage to offer new benefits. It’s a bit like a multi-stage rocket, with nine stages instead of just three. And by the time we reach orbital velocity, the community will find itself running the ship smoothly and efficiently.

As I mentioned earlier, it was the Enneagram model that led to the discovery of this development process. I want to keep developing my understanding of the Enneagram, so I’m publishing a series of articles in Enneagram Monthly. The latest one is called The Enneagram and personality developmentI uploaded it here for those who might be interested:

Also, I’m working with some group-process people, particularly Tree Bressen, researching ways to make facilitation more flexible and adaptable to different situations. 

I feel I need to be engaged creatively with what’s going on in the world. I can’t get much energy going for analyzing and talking about what’s going on. It’s useful to analyze the weather if you think a tornado might be coming, but when the tornado is actually upon you, other things become more important. 

I’ll be posting things intermittently, and you are always welcome to write if there’s something on your mind, but my time is going to governed by these various projects and others looming on the horizon. 

best wishes to all,