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Richard Moore

Bcc: contributors


Thanks for your responses to the sabbatical posting. I also got a number of responses to the ‘invitation’ posting that I didn’t post. They came in just after I posted the first round of responses. Thanks for those as well, but they seem out of context now. 

Before getting into the responses, I’ll share three things about the world situation. 

First, the swine flu is an entirely manufactured affair, and you should do everything possible to avoid the vaccines for you and your family. If you remember Reverend Jim Jones and the kool-aid, then keep in mind that was a rehearsal, a research project into what it takes to get people to cooperate in their own death.

Second, the best documentary to date about what’s going on is Alex Jones’ Endgame:

Third, Obama is much scarier than Bush. Bush couldn’t carry the masses into oblivion the way Obama can. In Nazi Germany, they chose their charismatic leader first, and then had their Reichstag Fire and Enabling Act. In the US, they did their Reichstag Fire and Enabling Act first, under Bush, and then brought in their charismatic leader. Same families pulling the strings and supplying the funding in both cases. Eugenics, genocide, and world government is the program.

I’m amazed by the number of people who are thinking in radical terms these days. Over the past ten years more and more people are realizing the whole system we live under is bogus, manipulated, coercive, and life-destroying. A woman named Pamela Satterwhite sent me a copy of her book after reading my book, Escaping the Matrix. Hers is Waking Up: Freeing Ourselves from Work – A all to envision our future freedom without bosses. Only we can create the world we want. I’m only about a third of the way through, and I’m very impressed so far. Much more poetic and experiential than my book.



From: Nancy Dennis
Date: 17 July 2009 13:07:58 IST
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: rkm status report: project sabbatical

Dear Richard,

I’ve never written to you before; but I’m inspired to do so now because I have for some time now felt very strongly what you express here: “I can’t get much energy going for analyzing and talking about what’s going on. It’s useful to analyze the weather if you think a tornado might be coming, but when the tornado is actually upon you, other things become more important.” It is for that exact reason that I haven’t been reading much of what you’ve sent out for the last year. But I like to get the news of what you’re doing. I find that encouraging. So I hope you’ll keep sending updates on the progress of your projects. I think you’re headed in the right direction.

With appreciation,
Nancy Dennis

Hi Nancy,

Yes, I will be sending out updates. I’d like to hear about other people’s projects as well, which I’ll be sharing.

thanks for writing,


From: amelia roache
Date: 18 July 2009 05:19:33 IST
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: movement and choice

Hello Richard,

I returned from my “away” two nights ago.
You might recall that I was going to be gone for three weeks.  I extended it twice.
I’ve returned to hear a similar note we are chiming.  tired of talking about stuff-

I will be moving into an intentional community by October.  The transition includes leaving San Diego the first week of September.

I will be totally immersed in this community (the Lama Foundation) for at least one year.

I will not be much of a participant with any cyber space.  I will continue to check-in occasionally.

I greatly appreciate your efforts and imagine you and I will continue to share ideas, experiences.

It is likely that the alternative currency plan you have created become part of the system design in the making at Lama.

I am stepping in to this community with purpose, vision to create a sustainable community.  It is in great need of an upgrade  in order to thrive

we have much work to do-now.

I’m excited and taking this next step with much clarity.

I embrace your livelihood that you may find an environment (or it will find you!!) that deeply satisfies you desire to serve the people.

With reverence and delight,

Hi Amelia,

Very nice to hear from you. I hope you will share about the Lama experience. I find it interesting that you are approaching them with an intent to upgrade their operation. What kind of response have you gotten to that intention from their Resident Circle? With these kinds of communities, I’m always concerned about the cult dimension. The resident folks have a good deal going for themselves, based on tuition-paying followers. 

I don’t think the alternative currency plan I’m working on makes sense for Lama. That plan is aimed at creating community consciousness, and Lama already has that. Also, I doubt if much money changes hands at Lama, apart from the monthly tuition that is required. 

What they could use is inclusive dialog methods. 

stay in touch,


From: Tasha Polak
Date: 17 July 2009 14:38:25 IST
Subject: Re: rkm status report: project sabbatical

rkm:  I feel I need to be engaged creatively with what’s going on in the world. I can’t get much energy going for analyzing and talking about what’s going on. It’s useful to analyze the weather if you think a tornado might be coming, but when the tornado is actually upon you, other things become more important. 

that is so amazing an insight. really it’s the difference between being inside the circle and outside it,  ACTIVE and PASSIVE, POWERLESS and EMPOWERED, learned helplessness vs activity,  talking, analyzing and ‘DOING’ ! bravo. mlp

Hi Tasha,

In the Est Training, they called it “being at cause”. Est was a classic example of a cult operation that was at the same time useful – if you could disengage yourself when you learned what could be learned.



From: Peter Lorenz
Date: 17 July 2009 12:45:21 IST
Subject: Re: rkm status report: project sabbatical

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the update on your priorities and activities. I have great respect for what you are attempting to accomplish. One can only go so far in writing “about” something. There becomes a need for direct action. Your thinking and desire to make a difference has progressed to that stage.

We need more patriots like you who are willing to get their hands dirty attempting to put into practice the ideas which, until now, have only been talked about in print. I commend you highly for your efforts in this direction.

Consider however what it took you bring you to your current state of development–much reading and writing and communicating your ideas with others in dialogue. Many of those with whom you have been in communication are working their way toward a stance of direct action. It is a process, a progression. It’s hard to go from ignorance about how the world works to direct action, skipping over the intermediate developmental steps.

There are those who must lay the groundwork for such transformation, where direct action can flow naturally from the reflection and rage people feel once they begin to get it.

So while you yourself may be at a higher level of this developmental process, many may not ready to make that leap. It’s about getting people out of their comfort zone (the hypnotic habitualized dream-like day-to-day state that most of us are in) and creating sufficient distress and cognitive dissonance that make action probable if not inevitable.

So the need for more reading, writing, and communicating, the planting of seeds, to provide the raw shoots that can grow into direct action. This is where people like me come in. I’m working with those at various stages in their development toward an activist lifestyle. It’s about experiencing a sense of  responsibility, a feeling of agency in the urgent need to take action to save the planet. This is what I am trying to achieve with Peter’s Picks. The extent to which I am succeeding? I don’t know. But I believe that until we are mad as hell, and unwilling to take it anymore, it will be difficult if not impossible to motivate people.

So there is a place for both of us in the overall scheme of things. Just like the organic gardens popping up all over, we are creating the conditions favorable to change. We need the seed gatherers and the gardeners.

My best of luck to you and your endeavors.


Peter Lorenz

Hi Peter,

You are doing a great job with Peter’s Picks. Good stuff. When I found I wasn’t reading it regularly, I realized my attention had turned to a new kind of focus.

One thing to keep in mind is that 80% of people (at least) will never, ever do anything new or think anything new until they see people around them doing it. A sheep gene is perhaps necessary for social stability, or perhaps it’s only true for people raised in this kind of totally unnatural, highly-conditioned culture. In any case, I’ve come to the conclusion that telling people where the water is only results in a small minority drinking. For most people, you need to lead then in groups to the water, show them how to drink, and help them with it until it becomes the social norm. 

I am uncomfortable being congratulated for “getting my hands dirty”. There are so many thousands of activists out there who really are getting their hands dirty. I hope what I’m doing can be useful, but I feel I’m taking a fairly easy course as regards activism.

all the best,


From: “Revin Floyd” 
Date: 17 July 2009 11:27:21 IST
Subject: RE: rkm status report: project sabbatical

Hi Richard,

I am right with you. However, I have a disposition that seems beside you, beneath you, or beyond you… I’m not sure. I don’t mean that as an insult in any way. I’ve attempted to detail my concerns… no remedies… But what I’m saying here, to you is that you’re responses to me seemed to express an unaware or unconcerned regard  for the formidable, in my face, alarm that I experience. I’m not bagging you. If anything, I want to tell you that you are a force among forces that could move people to action. What action, I’m not sure. The truth is that I don’t know what to do. But I can say this. You are one person that has responded to me and for that I’ve been appreciative.
On the other hand, I would do anything, anywhere, by any means to do what must be done. Are You? Everything you have said on your own behalf, I agree with. You are not shortsighted in my opinion, and you are realistic. On the other hand, I have personally felt that you are unwilling to go beyond a certain point.
I am in support of every single fucking thing you have purposed. All of the things I have read of you make sense in the extreme sense of the word “sense.”
On the other hand, you have not once responded to me with any intelligent consideration about what to do about the military and military weaponry. I’m not so concerned about that. However, I’ve seen what happened in Wako, am a son of the Viet Nam era… What does it all mean? I would only say this: Without supporting people we are fucked, and without the support of people, we are fucked.
So, then, I come to read you. And I say that everything you have attempted needs support. And support you. But I can’t seem to find where the rubber meets the road. I can’t seem to find a single person in this God forsaken world willing to take a single action. That’s just me though. It’s my fault. I can’t find anyone. It’s not your fault. You are an ear to me. You respond or you do not. I want to take action and have not the first clue how to do it. I can’t depend on you to show me. And I am lying that I don’t have the first clue.
Everything about free money systems interests me. I’ve read some of your stuff. I would hope you would respond to this message with links to your more advanced theories or proposals for direct action.
The truth is that I want direct action. I desire free systems of governance, in which I have more say in the laws governing my own life. Where do I find it? I find it in my own action, day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute. Each action pushes a reaction, and at least some force pushed on my part results in some equal and or opposite force in counterpart. I just see and feel the threat to me, my friends, my family; they do not. So what… What to do? I’m just realizing that I must live in accordance with my own set of rules, which I feel are just, and fuck the rest of the people that disagree; those that disagree are never affected by me. 

Keep passing it on. Whining does nothing. Direct action is everything.
I love you man! Pass on what you got, I’ll do what I can. Got any suggestions? Right now. Not philosophical, we are on the same page philosophically. You need an ally? You need a Lieutenant? Give me an order and I’ll respond. It’s funny to me that so many of us are so willing to tell each other what to think yet when it comes to holding each other accountable to action, we fade, afraid. As if it is ok to say this or that is the right thing to do, and that we ourselves are doing this or that; but we are completely incapable of saying hey! You want to do something? Do This!!!! Do This Today, Then Let’s measure the results together.

Hi Rev,

Thanks for a very thoughtful, heart-felt message.

Millions of us are seeking an effective form of direct action. It’s a very difficult problem. Every form of direct action has been tried through the centuries, and each of them has been systematically adjusted to by the evolving ruling regimes. They incorporate the lessons and we start over with each generation. 

The one thing that has no hope in the West is armed resistance. They’d love to see that, as they’re prepared with their helicopter gunships, killer drones, Blackwater mercenaries, and internment camps. Afghanistan is practice for America, and we don’t have the fighting experience of the Afghans, who have repelled many empires through the centuries.

The other thing that has no hope is individual actions. One drop of water cannot turn the tide. Individualism is promoted because it leaves us powerless. Only collective action has any force. And it must be locally-based collective action. Large-scale collective action is always a cult phenomenon and it is always usurped by elites in the end.

We need to achieve collective coherence beginning in the grassroots. And it must be based on working together, not on adopting some set of ideas, which is another form of cultism. It doesn’t really matter what we work on, as long as we work on it together had thereby discover our collective strength. Once we know our strength, we can do anything.

best wishes,