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Things are moving faster for me than I can keep up. Global Research picked up the latest article, and Google now shows 769 hits on the exact title:
Full-Spectrum Dominance and the Regime-Change Project

Here’s an excerpt from one of the many messages I’ve been getting from all over the world:
     Just to let you know… that your eye-opening articles are spreading like wild fire….  not only by email, but whenever there is a get together…  most lucid comprehensive analysis we’ve come across of the turbulent global situation…

I’ve been getting lots of invitations for radio interviews, and those are listed at the bottom of this posting.

The most interesting development, from my perspective, is a conference here in Ireland that is currently in the planning stage. It got started when I was invited to give a talk in Cork to a group called “Awaken Ireland”. In my talk, I suggested that the best way forward for Ireland would be to get out of the EU, repudiate the idiotic bank bailout debts, restore our own currency, and pursue a path of national self-sufficiency. 

A lively discussion followed, and toward the end we began talking about organizing a conference. It would not be an activist event, not a ‘call to action’, but rather an investigative event, exploring the question of what national independence would mean, what would be the problems, challenges, and opportunities. The idea is to introduce into the national conversation the possibility of another option besides following the EU into total collapse. 

I then contacted my facilitator friends to get ideas about what processes to use in such a conference, so that all voices could be heard, and we could have a creative group conversation. Out of that, I think we’ve got a good design for the event. 

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, the Awaken Ireland folks met again, and began earnestly planning for the conference, with a tentative date in February. Of course their vision of the conference may have diverged from what I’ve got in mind. I hope not, I hope we will be able to synergize our ideas and organize a really effective event. I’ll be meeting with them again next week, and I’ll be posting the results of that meeting.


Here’s a recording of an interview from last month:
     No Lies Radio, w/Kevin Barret
     25 Oct 2011
     Is Occupy Wall Street Occupied?

If you want to listen, first press the Pause button on the  right of the screen to turn off live broadcast, and then press the play button on the left.

I’ll be doing another interview with Kevin this Friday, over a different radio channel. There’s a ‘listen live’ button on this site:
     Truth Jihad Radio, also w/Kevin Barret
     Friday 2 December
     1 PM West Coast time

Here’s another one, that will be recorded as a podcast on Wednesday 7 December:
     Boiling Frogs, w/Sibel Edmonds

Finally, there’s this one, date not yet set:
     Radio Liberty
     Dr. Stanley Monteith’s Christian Ministry