The state is after your kids – Aldous Huxley warned us…


Richard Moore

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A rising tide of anger across Europe at ‘Nazi’ social workers

Although no other evidence was given for removing the children, and the strain of the case eventually led their parents to divorce, the Norwegian authorities have refused to return the boys to their distraught mother, who has only been allowed to see them for 15 minutes twice a year and forbidden to speak with them in Czech. It was this which prompted the Czech president Milo Zeman to compare Norway’s child protection system to the Nazis’ Lebensborn forced adoption policy.

Last weekend, hundreds of Norwegians and foreign parents marched on the parliament in Oslo to protest about this and scores of similar cases, such as that of a little Russian boy seized last October after he had told his classmates that his mother had “knocked out his tooth”. Although it was only a loose baby one, she was accused of “abusing” her son.

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It seems a growing number of people across the globe are beginning to protest at the horrific powers being exercised by the state in removing children form their parents for very little, if any, reason.

For me, the biggest issue here is that parents continue to believe their children are theirs until they are launched into the world on their own at 18-23 or so. In most if not all countries, this is not actually true. The child is owned by the state, and they have the power to do whatever they wish with them. If parents in general realised this, there would be an outcry of such magnitude that the situation would be reversed, whatever it took. But it’s only the disenfranchised, today, who are targeted. For the moment, the protests are primarily about these agencies overstepping what are considered acceptable bounds, but parents have not generally realised the powers these agencies actually have. In the case of the U.K. at least, the agencies are incented to annually remove a target number of children from their parents.

It’s all part of breaking down the family structure and parental authority in relation to children. In the past, children learned from the community elders, including grandparents, as well as their parents. That community input was broken down many years ago and replaced with formal schooling and we saw the elderly packaged as being “past it”, leaving the inexperienced parents as the guide. Now that is being broken down. None of this is by accident.