The truth from Nepal – all hell is breaking loose


Richard Moore

In the second report, below, an eyewitness tells us:

    The late King and family in Nepal have been a symbol for the
    people of being independent from imperialist rule for a
    start so that is partly why the grief is so immense.

Why is this not surprising?  Yes, there's always some corrupt drug-
dealing character at the head of every such coup, but in the shadows 
are our 'respectable' leaders with their globalize and imperialize 


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Monday June 4. Anniversary of Tianman Square massacre

Dear Friends -

Today is a dark day in the history of the world and about to
become darker.

Friday night the entire royal family of Nepal and their body
guards were brutally murdered in cold blood at the regular
friday night family gathering. ( this included the 9 month
old princess) What has been reported as a family squabble
with the crown prince killing everyone and then shooting
himself , and even a gun going off by itself (somehow
killing 30+ people, some of whom were not in the same
room?!) are outright lies. Immediately the royals were
burned, much sooner than would be normal practice. The crown
prince, the supposed killer, was made king while lying brain

Ironically, the king's brother, Gyanendra was out of town.
At the same time his nephew, Paresh, a known murderer of at
least 5 people(!) was in the place . So was the king's other
brother Direndra, who has been living in London since 1990
and has been estranged from the royal family. Both brothers
are criminals who have been involved with stealing and
selling the antiquities of Nepal, drugs selling, and who
knows what else. Both brothers vehemently were against
democracy in Nepal and there was a huge fight between them
all when King Birendra gave up the powers of the Monarchy in
1990 and declared a democracy for Nepal. It has long been
known that Gyanendra has had a CIA link as well as ties to
the government of India. What those connections are in this
whole affair remains to be seen. There are no secrets in

Since Saturday most people have known the prince was dead
even though the official news was saying otherwise. People
knew they were being lied to but they were in shock so the
streets were fairly quiet for 2 days. But as early as
saturday afternoon, crowds were gathering outside the palace
and at the funeral chanting, "Kill the criminals, Kill
Gyandera. " In the meantime, more and more inside news was
leaking out and it was fast becoming clear that this was a
carefully orchestrated plot by at least the 2 brothers and
nephew to seize control of Nepal.

This morning, the prince was officially declared dead. One
hour later, as I am writing this, Gyanendra has just been
crowned king with full regalia, the Prime Minister and
political leaders standing mutely by. Clearly this was all
planned WELL in advance to be able to pull this off so
quickly! And clearly the Prime Minister is either afraid to
say anything or else is in collusion. And Paresh has already
been sent to London for safety. I can hear the shouts of
crowds in the street heading toward the palace. People are
furious that Gyanendra, murderer of his own family and their
king, has now been made king. And this anger has been
building for a long time as a totally corrupt government has
been running this country into the ground since the advent
of "democracy" in 1990. The army is in the street along with
hundreds of thousands of people, roads are closed, and no
one knows what will happen. We fear a blood bath as
Gyanendra now controls the army. The lastest report from a
friend on the street is that tear gas is being fired into
the crowds.

Democracy was struggling in Nepal, at best, but now it is
sure to die a swift death.

Perhaps it doesn't matter to you what happens in this far
away tiny country, so unrelated to your own lives. But at
least you can know the truth and tell others so these people
will not have died in vain. If you have a computer, go to and click on NepaliTimes - it is our most
radical paper we have though we don't yet know if they will
be brave enough to print the truth.

I have no idea will become of me and other foreigners here.
Only time will tell. It's pretty frightening right now and
hopefully they will not target us in their frustration but
go after the real criminals now holding the power.

Please pass this on to others so the world knows what is
really happening here, or at least as far as we can figure
out. But please don't believe the foreign press!

Pray for us all


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FUCK -  the last two days have been some of the most amazing
in my life. The news you are getting in NZ is probably CNN
bullshit. The late King and family in Nepal have been a
symbol for the people of being independent from imperialist
rule for a start so that is partly why the grief is so
immense.  The kings brother has just now been crowned king
and the people are uprising.  The kings brother is much
hated by nepalese people and activists alike. He was cast
out from Nepal for corruption and went to live in India. 
The campaign agaisnt coprruption is huge and the pruime
minister is also a target.  So when the whole family
(actually 13 people) were massacred the govt blamed the
crown prince saying he shot everyone and then himself. Noone
believed this.  Now the govt says it was an accident.

Fuck sorry if this is crazy but I am typing hard out we are
under threat from the army who are everywhrere. So
essentially the kings brother arranged for his son to kill
everyone so he could be king. The pepole are not accepting
him and there are riots everywhere. Martial law has been
impose and the conference is cancelled pretty much.

A few of us are staying though and networking and
supporting. The radical organisations that organised it have
been outlawed under martial law and they fear arrest.  A few
of us have been caught up in demos on the street I think I
have some good photos of the cops beating people with sticks
but I was running as fast as I could at the time. 10 people
have also been shot dead by the army.

Ths is verty important to get out as they are refusing to
let people report it. Also the only witness alive to the
massacre has just been poisoned by the govt so there is no
witness apart from the new kings son who people believe did
it. The investigation commitee comprises of the ruling party
only and is a farce.

People are amazing here they have nothing but their bare
hands and they are standing up to guns sticks knives I hope
my photos are good.  About 10 of us are keen to support the
nepaese people and try and get the word back to our

We trekked into the peasant communites yesterday to share
resources and food and they welcomed us like heros it was
fucking incredible. But then we got trapped because the army
said they would shoot us if we came back to our base. Crazy.
 We are reasonably safe becase we are forigners and we feel
strongly about being part of making history.  Nepal may face
civil war and the end of monarchy at this rate and it is a
privilege beyond belief to be here. we are a tight knit
group and hope to make some difference. I have to run again
they are imposing curfew in half an hour and if you are
outside you are get shot.

I will try and email soon.
 love amy


Richard K Moore
Wexford, Ireland

    A community will evolve only when
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    - Frantz Fanon

    "Consensus does not mean agreement.  It means we create a
    forum where all voices can be heard and we can think
    creatively rather than dualistically about how to reconcile
    our different needs and visions."
        - Starhawk, "Lessons from Seattle and Washington D.C.", 
        in "Democratizing the Global Economy", Kevin Danaher, ed.,
        Common Courage Press, Monroe, Maine, 2001.

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