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Article: The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order


This article, which I posted to cyberjournal under a slightly different title, seems to have gone viral. Global Research picked it up from the New Dawn site, and from there it spread to websites all over the net. Google shows 68,000 hits on the exact title. My thanks to New Dawn and Global Research for launching the article into net-space, and getting this process started.

I’ve got an in-box full of messages from people around the world who have resonated strongly with the ideas. Many of these said they shared the article with all their friends, some via facebook, and one optimistic reader forwarded it to a list of 80 people in various media outlets.  Let me share just a few brief excerpts from these messages, to give a flavor of what people have been saying:
“Best damn summary of modern history I’ve ever read, bar none. It’s a heartbreaker, but shines with Truth. Good for you.”
     “After reading and forwarding your subject article, I want you to know that I and a few of my open-minded, clear-thinking and awakened/enlightened associates thought it was a brilliant and insightful piece of timely and relevant writing.”
     “It is genius.  I love your conciseness.  You are able to put everything together beautifully.  Do you mind if I share it, of course, giving you the credit and sending along your web site.  Thank you so very much for input into world perspective.”
With this quality of feedback, and with the quantity of implicit feedback indicated by the spread on the net, I’ve decided to develop a follow-up article. People are responding to how the article ‘makes sense’ of what’s happening around us, but the picture presented is incomplete. 
In the first article, I made the case that a transition process is being managed – by the central-bankster cabal – from a growth-oriented economy to a centrally-planned economy, and from a nation-state political system to a globally-centralized technocratic system. I made this case as briefly as possible, focusing on certain core threads of the transition process, primarily to do with economics, the emergence of the police state, and the erosion of national sovereignty. 
In the second article, I’ll be putting together a more comprehensive summary of the overall transition process, as it is unfolding on the world stage, right before our eyes. As in the first article, I won’t be telling you much that you don’t already know, if you’ve been paying attention to current events. Once again I’ll be focusing on how it all fits coherently together, how the seemingly unconnected threads all clearly weave into one well-thought-out transition plan.
There’s the geopolitical thread, for example: the plan for dealing with Russia and China. There’s the mind-control thread: getting people to think they want what the banksters are planning to give them. There are many other threads: a watchword of elite planners is ‘full-spectrum dominance’. The second article will aim to provide ‘full-spectrum awareness’. Perhaps this will do as a working title:
     Full-Spectrum Dominance and the Global Regime-Change Project
There was one thing in the first article that needs to be clarified: the paragraphs in italics. As one reader put it:
I have a specific question as to the source of the last 3 quotes (they were not in quotation marks, but they were separated by italics) you used in that article.  I’m referring to the 3 sections in italics at the end of the article that sound like excerpts from a futuristic novel harkening back to what life had been like “before the change.”
What is the source of those italic sections?

Those are my own words, describing the kind of mythology that is likely to characterize the new technocratic system. Every paradigm-shift of systems throughout history has been accompanied by a demonization-mythology about what went before, and a justification-mythology for the new paradigm. In order for the new system to be culturally stable, there needs to be a generally accepted worldview that is consistent with the new paradigm. We can already see the new mythology being rolled out, along several fronts, and that will be described in the mind-control thread.
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