Which path to the NWO is being planned??


Richard Moore

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Ukraine: U.S. Pulls Back, Agrees To Russian Demands

Tasha Polak wrote:

hi. are you sure about this report of US pull-back etc? the rest of the world is still stuck on the previous news cycle

received a bit later:
Subject: maybe you were right after all…
“Ukraine orders troop pullout from Crimea”
it’s too close to call.
i guess the difference between history and mystery is six weeks or so
your american friend,

You are so right Tasha, re/ history vs. mystery. My own predictive compass is spinning like a top as developments keep unfolding. For example, we get opposite signals from these two items:

US And NATO Use Ukrainian Crisis To Advance Military Build-up

West poked Russian bear with stick until it finally swiped back

So I’m standing by two different predictions, two alternative futures, and I’m claiming one of them will come to pass:

1) New World Order – The endgame has begun

2) NWO endgame reconsidered: Are we on the verge of Word War 3?


Robin Mutoid wrote:
Actually, I think it highly unlikely that the Banking Dynasty’s can any longer AFFORD to effectively establish their ‘NWO’ now – by whichever means! This clearly stands as a very last and very desperate attempt however. …The ‘debt-created’ wealth-machines of both Europe and the USA are, ironically, now so themSELVES in-debt, that the supporting financial mechanisms created in 1913 are totally ‘bust’, desperate and dysfunctional – not to mention also now technically illegal.
War has always proven ‘an earner’ for the Cabals – thus their apparent desperation to begin yet another – but the Universal/Global Forces of/for good/peace/prosperity will finally prevail this time around. 🙂 …

I think you are underestimating the power and cleverness of the banking dynasties. For one thing, they clearly arranged the collapse of 2008, in order to prepare the way for the NWO, in whichever way it comes about. And they can, for example, arrange for debts to be forgiven, and a new currency to be issued under the auspices of the IMF – an act that would be embraced by people and governments. We are inside the game of Monopoly, while they are outside, updating the rules of the game.

As for the forces of good, peace, and prosperity triumphing, I’ve heard that from lots of hope-filled people, but I’ve seen no evidence of anything like that happening. If you believe in universal forces, you might keep in mind that the Yugas say we’re currently in a very low stage of consciousness.


Peter Meyer wrote:

A full-scale war (even if it involved a US first-strike on Russia) would certainly devastate both Russia and the US (and possibly Europe as well). This is well-known to the top military planners on both sides, so they will do everything they possibly can to avoid a full-scale war. The danger is that the politicians (or rather the clowns) who are running the US and the EU may, due to their complete stupidity, manage to produce a situation where a military confrontation escalates into a full-scale war, despite the best efforts of the generals on both sides to avoid this.

You may be right about the consequences of a first strike, but there are several things that need to be kept in mind:

1) We don’t know the nature of the Pentagon’s latest weapons, which might utilize scalar energy, and which might be able to disrupt adversary’s weapons systems. It remains a mystery how the Twin Towers were pulverized into dust, apart from the steel structures which were quickly carted off to China and melted down.

2) The banksters want to eliminate 80% of the world’s population.

3) The banksters have bunkers, and most likely have a cure for cancer to save themselves and their  chosen ones from radiation, if destruction does reach the West.

As for Western politicians, they are not running anything, they are obedient puppets. And generals take orders.


Rudi Teichmann wrote:
Hi Richard,
I was just thinking that it could also be the case that this is the engineered collapse (by means of imperialist overreach) of the USA and the annihilation of the remainders of common law, to be replaced with a system combining the current Russian/Chinese legal systems?
     It could be also the fulllfilment of the depopulation agenda, then start with a new domination system as outlined above incorporating “sustainability” and “micromanagement” agenda 21..
Just a thought so.

You raise plausible scenarios, which offer ways of bringing Russia and China onside to the NWO via alternative future #2.


Christapher Cogswell wrote:
A mass awakening is indeed going on. Sometimes it’s hard to see unless you step back a little bit from the day to day and compare popular consciousness over say the last 50 years, in 10 year jumps, to today.
Here is a fascinating article, which underscores how important it is to voice our dissent, opening up new spaces for challenge of the status quo among the general public.
And here is Brezinski, sounding a warning to the elites about the global awakening: http://www.storyleak.com/brzezinski-global-political-awakening-making-syrian-war-difficult/
Trust in mainstream media, government, and churches is at all time lows. What do people trust? They are looking for the truth, and for results that improve their lives, imo. Sounds like an opening to a major shift to me.

There is indeed a mass awakening occurring as to the evils of the current system. It is being enabled by Zeitgeist, Thrive, Anonymous, Wikileaks, Snowden, RT, and by the Internet generally. All of that serves to prepare people for a new system, without giving them any control over what that new system is to be. As conditions continue to worsen economically, or by warfare, people will be more than ready to accept any form of ‘salvation’ when it is offered to them by elites, with the new system clothed in comforting words.

Your fascinating article is quite interesting, and it is riddled with optimistic interpretations of events. Just to pick one example, there’s the Vietnam War. The article talks about Nixon being inhibited in his actions by mass protests. In fact, mass protests went on year after year while the war continued to escalate. It was originally planned to take 10 years, cost 50,000 American lives, and end in withdrawal – and that’s exactly what happened. It’s purpose was to transform the US economy into a military economy, to enable the growth of the Pentagon’s power to its current level in support of bringing in the NWO.