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Richard Moore

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Raffi Aftandelian wrote:

does this sound like it’s possible? i really don’t know enough about economics and financial systems to gauge the veracity…

Jim Sinclair: Russia is one move away from collapsing U.S. economy

The russia-cause-collapse story describes a possible scenario, a possible future, and there are many other equally possible collapse scenarios that could be entertained. The important fact about the financial system, as we have known it, is that it is already beyond collapse. 

The old regime, of wealth being created via economic growth, has ceased happening.  We are now living in a regime of credit extensions to insolvent nations, aimed at providing some pre-defined level of national functioning (i.e., austerity), while state and private assets are being looted.  

Clearly this is a transitional situation, an asset-looting and sovereignty-looting era, prior to the installation of some new economic order. When the looting era has run its course, some excuse-scenario will be found to set the ‘level of national functioning’ to zero, and that will be perceived as ‘the old system crashing’. That excuse-scenario will go down in the history books as the ‘cause of the collapse’. 

In evaluating the likelihood of any  given scenario happening, like the russia-cause-collapse scenario, I wouldn’t look so much at the scenario itself, rather I’d consider whether the time seemed right to transition out of the looting era – Are all the ducks in a row yet, for a new regime to be installed?


Jim Macgregor wrote:

If those 20 guys on the disappeared Malaysian plane were important cyber-war players and knew too much  for American comfort, is it technically possible that the US goons  managed to take electronic remote control of the flight and destroyed  it in order to get rid of them? Or, put some electronic crippling  device aboard the plane before take-off.  It would be a nice wee test  run for such equipment.

I think the real story of  the Malaysian plane  has become clear. Rudi Teichman published reports on News Beacon Ireland that get to the heart of the matter:

Flight 370: Another US Conspiracy?

Everything that moves, on land or sea, under the sea, even underground, is watched and listened to……..All is sensed, recorded, examined by complex algorithms for anomalous behaviors that represent “threats.” Planes don’t disappear; a gnat has trouble “disappearing.”   by … Continue reading 

MH 370 is disappeared – Rothschild Inherits a Semiconductor Patent For Freescale Semiconductors

The disappearance of four members of a patent semiconductor traveling on Malaysia Airlines MH370 makes the famous billionaire Jacob Rothschild at the sole owner of the important patent. ———————- Editor’s note: With the announcement by the Malaysian authorities that flight Continue reading 


Peter Meyer wrote:

…Physicalism is characterized by its dogmatic assertion that only what is physical is real, where ‘physical’ means observable by the outer senses or by reasoning based upon outer sense experience.  A physicalist cannot accept that clairvoyance is real because there is no outer sense evidence for it.
…Do you wish to support the physicalist assumption that only what is physical is real?

No, I do not support the assumption that only what is physical is real. However I do value what has been learned about the nature of things that are physical. I reject physicalism as a fundamentalist belief system, and I frequently express criticism of physicalists and academics in general. At the same time I respect many physicalists for the work they are doing. In the current version of my  article,  I talk about ‘mainstream scientists’, how blind they are, and how they refuse to look through the EU lens, or to consider the reality of telepathy.

There are many people, with big audiences, who are ‘taking on’ physicalism, carrying the banner you carry, “Down with physicalism!”  People like Sheldrake, Wilbur, etc. I’m more interested in advancing certain fields of science, by investigating phenomena from a cross-disciplinary perspective, where the ‘disciplines’ in this case are what we understand about the physical and psychical worlds. The EU model is important to my work because it transforms  our understanding of physical cosmology, and does so in a way that provides underlying physical mechanisms that may be related to psychic phenomena.

I would like to be able to show that the only thing that doesn’t have a physical explanation is consciousness itself. 


That’s an ambitious goal.  Do you hope to provide a physical explanation of beauty (or the perception of beauty), love, courage, loyalty, intellectual and artistic creativity, etc., etc., plus good and evil (which are not mere words or concepts)? 

Beauty is in the eye (consciousness) of the beholder, and nowhere else. The light waves reflected off of a ‘pretty face’ create an image in the retina that our consciousness finds beautiful. The consciousness of the artist finds ways to communicate beauty via the physical world, by creating images, music, sculptures, etc. that will hopefully resonate with the sense-of-beauty of other conscious beings.

We can explain light waves, and light waves carry the information of beauty, but that information has no meaning electromagnetically. It is only the code for the information, and it can only be decoded by a conscious being.

Understanding light is useful, along with the electromagnetic spectrum generally, and the insights of the EU model. I think scalar waves are equally important, and they bring in a mechanism that is able to carry signals that can lead to a biological response, at the cellular level – including brain cells. Scalar waves cannot be shielded by a Faraday Cage, and they behave more like a connected circuit than a broadcast, so they don’t fall off by inverse square. 

Reception of scalar waves depends on resonance between a transmitting circuit and a receiving circuit. Thus a configuration in the electromagnetic domain, by creating resonance, enables a biological / psychic signal to be communicated via scalar waves. This will play a central role in the next version of my article.