Today’s most dangerous scams: over population and global warming


Richard Moore

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The War on Humans

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Here we see the popularization of the depopulation agenda. The worst propaganda is that which contains a grain of truth. Yes, modern society is a cancer on the Earth, but that’s the fault of the few who rule & set policy.

to which Claudia Woodward-Rice responded:
Overpopulation is the fault of kings and tyrants? Are you saying that we reproduce like bunnies in reaction to all those big-bad-bullies?  
Maybe some of the remedies suggested by them are racist, repressive and reek of genocide- but that doesn’t make them responsible for the problem. 

When we look at a sprawling metropolis like Los Angeles, or a packed city like Hong Kong, or the widespread poverty in a country like India, it is easy to think of the world as being over-populated. And when we learn that global resources are being exhausted it is easy to think that overpopulation is the cause.  But just because it easy to think something, that does not make it true. 

The fact is that the Earth can well-support it’s current population, and more, if resources were used sensibly. Look at any big-city freeway during ‘rush’ hour and think of all the petroleum that is being wasted by those stalled cars. And then there’s all the energy and resources used to transform the urbanized world – most of it built on arable land – into roads and parking lots. The real problem is not about number of people, it’s about quantity of resources wasted per person in the ‘advanced’ world. 1/3 of all food produced in the world, for example, is wasted. Frances Moore Lappe’s classic World Hunger: Twelve Myths is a real eye-opener in this regard. For example, India exports enough food to feed everyone who’s hungry in India. 
Another good eye-opener is the video, How Cuba Survived Peak Oil. When the Soviet Union collapsed, most of Cuba’s oil supply was cut off. They were forced to turn to labor-intensive, small-scale agriculture, and they ended up much better fed while using a tiny fraction of the fuel and petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides. This kind of agriculture produces more food per acre while using fewer resources to do so, and it enriches the soil rather than depleting it. 
De-urbanization and the de-industrialization of agriculture are probably the most important things that need to be done if we want to become sustainable. Basically, we need to reverse the trends that have been imposed on us by the economics of capitalism over the past two centuries. It is also important to note that when people are raised out of poverty they tend to stop having so many children. 
Those who are scheming to bring in the New World Order decided on a strategy in their Club of Rome forum. The strategy is based on promulgating the myth that ‘people are the problem’, and we can see where that has led in the video above, The War on Humans. Part of that strategy, also hatched in the Club of Rome, is promulgating the myth of human-caused global warming, which feeds into Agenda 21 – a scheme to micromanage every aspect of our lives. 
The depopulation agenda is real, and we can see it unfolding dramatically in Africa, where Western-orchestrated poverty and genocide are killing something like six million children a year, eclipsing the best genocidal efforts of the Nazi regime – a regime that was funded and supported by the same banker dynasties who are now orchestrating the depopulation of Africa. 
It is such a shame to see so many well-meaning people being deluded by these various schemes and scams.
Climate change has been following natural cycles over the past 200 years, with no evidence whatever of any influence from CO2 or other greenhouse gases. This is clearly demonstrated by data downloaded from official long-term temperature records, as analyzed in my article from a few years back:
This chart from the University of Phoenix, shows how the recent dramatic increase in CO2 has not been matched by a corresponding increase in temperature. And before industrialization, CO2 levels have followed temperature levels, not led them. In Al Gore’s propaganda film, he shifted the two records so as to create a graph that would mislead people into thinking CO2 led temperature.
In the chart below from my article, we can see that temperatures have been declining in the Northern Hemisphere for the past 3,000 years, in a series of declining spikes, and we can see that the spike we have experienced since 1800 continues to follow the natural pattern. This accidental correlation between a spike, and the era industrial CO2 emissions, is the entire basis of the claims of CO2 causation. 
This scam totally ignores natural variation, and Hansen admits he doesn’t understand natural variation. Without such an understanding it makes no sense to claim anything unnatural is happening. All of the dire predictions, regarding global warming, are based on this obviously false conclusion that CO2 is responsible for the natural rise in temperature over the past two centuries.
It is also important to note that temperatures in the north and south follow quite different patterns, which would not be true if greenhouse gases were controlling climate, as greenhouse gases are more or less the same globally, due to dispersion by wind patterns.

This chart, by the way, covers most of our current inter-glacial period, which is now coming to an end. The global temperature rise has paused over the past decade or so, as we would expect as we pass the peak of the most recent natural spike. The prospects for the future are clearly a continuing decline into the next ice age. 

As a final piece of evidence, here is a presentation that explores the correlation between solar activity and climate. It should be no surprise that variations in solar output are the drivers of climate change:

In response to this presentation, a friend sent me the following comments: 

Hi Richard
Interesting video.
My view is that he may be correct and solar variation may explain what we are observing. However, even if he is, I would recommend a move away from fossil fuel.
It’s much too important a resource to just burn it and, ultimately, we will run out of it.
We need to move to a more sustainable energy source to power the planet.
If he is incorrect, and man-made greenhouse gases are causing global climate change, the possible consequences are very severe – and potentially lethal for our species.
Is that a gamble we should take?
All things being equal wouldn’t it be better to power the planet on renewables?

Achieving sustainability is too important for us to gamble with science. Finding a viable strategy to achieve sustainability depends on having a correct understanding of the problems involved. The global warming scam is being intentionally used to herd us down a path that is not moving us toward sustainability.

By blaming carbon emissions for our problems, everyone is jumping on the solar-wind bandwagon. There is no way that those kinds of energy sources can ‘power the planet’ in the way we are currently using energy. It might be possible to supply our homes with electricity by such means, but it would not power all the cars, trucks, planes, ships, and military vehicles, nor would it do anything to reduce the petroleum consumption of industrial agriculture, not only for fuels but for pesticides and fertilizers. 

If we want to achieve sustainability we need radical changes in our societal infrastructures, and putting up wind turbines and installing solar panels does not help with that. As I mentioned above we need to move out of cities, repopulate rural areas, and produce food on a small-scale basis near where it is being consumed. We need to get away from long-distance commuting by automobile, and we need to stop using automobiles and planes as our primary means of mass transport. 

Sustainability requires using less energy, much more than it means producing energy by other means. If we reduce our energy consumption drastically, as we need to, then renewable sources start to become viable as a solution to our energy needs. We don’t need to give up travel, but that travel needs to be mostly by efficient rail networks, both local and long-distance. 

In order to radically change our infrastructures we need a major project to do so, something on the scale of a war effort – involving construction of rail networks, building new rural infrastructure, etc. We will need to use our petroleum resources to fuel such a transition project, and that’s why the global warming scam is the enemy of sustainability.