Will there be a book tour??


Richard Moore

Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 21:28:54 -0800
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From: Molly Morgan

Dear Richard -

I have not had a chance to check out the revisions to the
website yet, but I have finished the book and really loved
it. Based on your last message I am not sure whether you are
rethinking a book tour in the States or if you are still
planning to do it (I hope you are). I am now living almost
full-time in Mendocino County and am encouraged by all the
economic localization work that's going on here.

A group of friends host a local radio show twice a month
called Corporations and Democracy. They'd like me to start
hosting some shows and I told them I'm not so interested in
the corporations aspect these days, but I'm very interested
in democracy and I'd love to do a show interviewing you on
your book. However, I don't know if the station has money in
the budget to cover a one-hour call to Ireland. (But they
might and I plan to ask.) I know you would find a receptive
audience here and I think your ideas could help to challenge
those doing standard activism and help continue to inspire
those who are already thinking out of the box and working to
bring communities together in new ways.

There's no rush on this -- the earliest I could guest host a
show would be mid-April. Would you prefer to do something
like this when you're touring, and if so, do you have any
dates yet? Are you as good on the radio as you are at the



Dear Molly,

Thanks for your message, and I'm glad you liked the book. :-)

Phone-in radio interviews are a very good idea at this stage
of  book promotion. I've done lots of radio interviews in
the past, and they've tended to come off quite well. I'm
especially eager for interviews by folks who have read the
book. We can get into the deeper issues more effectively
that way, and listeners can get more value out of the
interview. If telephone costs are really an issue, I can do
the phoning, as I have a good discount long-distance plan.
But these days most people have those. Certainly every radio
station should!  Audio online 'chat' or skipe may also be a
good option in some cases.

I'm not going to do a standard book tour. I think the net &
radio interviews make a lot more sense in these early days
of promotion. Once there are a reasonable number of people
'out there' who have read the book, then I want to do a
tour. That tour won't be primarily to 'sell books': the
purpose will be to meet with folks and talk about the ideas
in the book and the ideas that were sparked in readers. In
particular, I'd like to experiment with 'respectful
listening' in these sessions, and hopefully discuss local
opportunities for harmonization events.

Mid-April sounds good; let me know.

I love the Mendocino area and certainly will put that on my
itinerary when the time comes for a tour.

thanks again,