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Global Research: Martial Law, the Financial Bailout, and War
Martial Law, the Financial Bailout, and War By Prof. Peter Dale Scott 
Global Research, January 8, 2009 Paulson’s Financial Bailout It is becoming 
clear that the bailout measures of late 2008 may have consequences at least as
grave for an open society as the response to – Mon, Jan 19 2009 11:03 am 
Obama: a Ruling Class Candidate
..Barack Obama as a Ruling Class Candidate November 04, 2008By Paul 
Street Paul Street’s ZSpace Page Join ZSpace “This is bigger than life itself.
When I was coming up, I always thought they put in who they wanted to put it. 
I didn’t think my vote mattered. But I don’t think that anymore.” – Sun, Nov 
16 2008 7:13 am 

Obama’s plans for regimentation of society
..– Obama, July 2, 2008, a speech in Colorado …I’m not in agreement with 
everything in this article, but I’m glad they documented this speech by Obama.
In addition, here’s an audio report. At the end, we hear Obama making these 
statements, and before that we hear Rahm Emanuel describing the – Sun, Jan 25 
2009 3:12 am 
Downturn Accelerates As It Circles The Globe
Downturn Accelerates As It Circles The Globe Economies Worse Off Than 
Predicted Just Weeks Ago By Anthony Faiola Washington Post Staff Writer 
Saturday, January 24, 2009; A01 The world economy is deteriorating more 
quickly than leading – Sun, Jan 25 2009 3:46 am 

Noam Chomsky on Obama & the election
..The Election, Economy, War, and Peace November, 25 2008 By 
Noam Chomsky Noam Chomsky’s ZSpace Page Join ZSpace The Election The word that
immediately rolled off of every tongue after the – Wed, Nov 26 2008 3:26 pm 
Obama prepares sweeping cuts in social programs
..Obama prepares sweeping cuts in social programs 8 January 2009 
Barack Obama took the occasion of his first press appearance in Washington as 
president-elect to declare his determination to impose policies of budgetary 
austerity, including the elimination of entire – Thurs, Jan 8 2009 12:47 pm 

Stephen Lendman: Obama’s War Cabinet
..Obama’s War Cabinet By Stephen Lendman Global Research, December 5, 
2008 December 1 brought more disappointment but no surprises. Obama’s national
security appointees (like all his earlier ones) aren’t “change to believe in” 
or what people expected for their votes. – Mon, Dec 15 2008 12:57 pm 
Obama Warns of Trillion-Dollar Deficits
January 7, 2009 Obama Warns of Prospect for Trillion-Dollar Deficits By
JEFF ZELENY and EDMUND L. ANDREWS WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama on
Tuesday braced Americans for the unparalleled prospect of “trillion-dollar 
deficits for years – Fri, Jan 16 2009 10:39 am 
Obama & Venezuela: no change here
The Bush policies continue in Latin America: opposing democracy in Venezuela, 
supporting dictatorship in Columbia, illegal government in Mexico, etc. -rkm __
_ Obama and Chávez Start Sparring Early By Juan Forero – Mon, Jan 19 
2009 10:04 am 
Obama continues illegal Pakistan air strikes
2 U.S. Airstrikes Offer a Concrete Sign of Obama’s Pakistan Policy By R.
Jeffrey Smith, Candace Rondeaux and Joby Warrick Washington Post Staff 
Writers Saturday, January 24, 2009; A01 Two remote U.S. missile strikes that 
killed at least 20 people at – Sun, Jan 25 2009 3:48 am 

Webster Tarpley: Obama rejects Afghan peace plan
Barky Team Already Rejects Afghan Peace Plan From Webster Tarpley 1-21-
9 The Obama transition team has already rejected out of hand a plan for a 
negotiated peace settlement in Afghanistan which had been approved by the 
Karzai government as well as by its opponents. – Sun, Jan 25 2009 1:32 pm 

Americans hypnotized by Obama
January 18, 2009 Poll Finds Faith in Obama, Mixed With Patience By ADAM
NAGOURNEY and MARJORIE CONNELLY President-elect Barack Obama is riding a 
powerful wave of optimism into the White House, with Americans confident he 
can turn the economy – Mon, Jan 19 2009 10:13 am 

Chossudovsky: Who was Behind the Mumbai Attacks?
..India’s 9/11. Who was Behind the Mumbai Attacks? Washington is 
Fostering Political Divisions between India and Pakistan By Michel 
Chossudovsky Global Research, November 30, 2008 The Mumbai terror attacks were
part of a carefully planned and – Tues, Dec 2 2008 5:21 pm 
Stephen Shalom (ZNet) : Q&A on Gaza
Question and Answer on Gaza January, 16 2009 By Stephen Shalom Stephen 
Shalom’s ZSpace Page Join ZSpace On December 27, 2008, Israel launched its 
brutal assault on Gaza, Operation Cast Lead. The aim here has been to collect 
in one place the most frequently-asked questions and to offer answers and 
sources. You – Sun, Jan 25 2009 3:54 am 

Chossudovsky re/ Invasion of Gaza
..The Invasion of Gaza: “Operation Cast Lead”, Part of a Broader 
Israeli Military-Intelligence Agenda By Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, 
January 4, 2009 The aerial bombings and the ongoing ground invasion of Gaza by
Israeli ground forces must be analysed in a historical context. Operation – 
Thurs, Jan 8 2009 4:30 pm 
William Bowles: civilians were the intended targets in Lebanon & Gaza
William Bowles: Now why can’t those damn Palestinians just disappear? 
by William Bowles • Tuesday, January 20, 2009 12:54 “Gaza fought back, 
withstood, resisted …. Arabs are now speaking of victory, hailing the 
resistance, singing the praise of the Palestinians in Gaza…” — Ramzy Baroud –
Tues, Jan 20 2009 7:05 am 
Jews in Solidarity with Palestine (petition)
Jews in Solidarity with Palestine Sign on to this statement View 
signers Stop the U.S.-backed genocidal Israeli war and siege of Gaza More than
1300 women, men and children killed by U.S.-made Israeli bombs More than 5400 
wounded 1.5 million under siege for the past 18 months, without food, water, –
Sun, Jan 25 2009 3:15 am 
Guess What? Lots Of Oil, Natural Gas In Gaza!
Guess What? Lots Of Oil, Natural Gas In Gaza! A Secret Behind Israel’s 
Siege of Gaza: Palestinians Have Oil and Natural Gas Resources Martha Rose 
Crow, M.S. 1-7-9 “there is an abundance of oil reserves both on the strip and 
offshore” – Sun, Jan 25 2009 3:22 am 

Peter Schiff in 2007: predicting the crisis (video)
It’s quite humorous, listening to the other pundits laughing at Schiff’s 
totally accurate analysis. rkm  Fri, Dec 5 2008 10:43 am 

Engdahl: Paulson Panics as UK, Germany find own solution
Financial Crisis: Paulson Panics as UK, Germany find own solution By F.
William Engdahl Global Research, October 18, 2008 America’s de facto Finance 
Czar, US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has reached for the panic button and
made a dramatic 180-degree – Sun, Oct 19 2008 11:29 pm 
Engdahl: Truth behind the Citigroup Bank “Nationalization”
Colossal Financial Collapse: The Truth behind the Citigroup Bank ”
Nationalization” By F. William Engdahl Global Research, November 24, 2008 On 
Friday November 21, the world came within a hair’s breadth of the – Wed, Nov 
26 2008 8:57 am 

William Bowles: The Capitalist Shakedown
The Capitalist Shakedown By William Bowles Global Research, October 13,
2008 “It is only in these dire circumstances that the United States, where 
private property is more sacrosanct probably than anywhere else in the world, 
is talking about some kind of nationalization of banks, if – Tues, Oct 14 2008
4:37 am 
US army prepares to invade USA- follow up to Naomi Wolfe video

Tom Burghardt: “Non-lethal” Weapons to be used for “Crowd Control”
..Curbing Social Protest in America: Microwave “Non-lethal” Weapons to
be used for “Crowd Control” Just in Time for the Capitalist Meltdown: Army, 
Justice Department to Field ‘Pain Ray’. By Tom Burghardt Global Research, 
October 14, 2008 – Sun, Oct 19 2008 11:36 pm 

Jury finds MLK killed by government conspiracy
Christian Century, March 15, 2000 THE KING ASSASSINATION: AFTER THREE 
DECADES, ANOTHER VERDICT [Rachel’s introduction: In December, 1999, a jury in 
Memphis, Tennessee, concluded that Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated by
– Mon, Jan 19 2009 10:38 am 

High school to focus on Homeland Security
Delaware Charter School To Focus On Homeland Security Jun 12, 2008 4:16
PM The first high school dedicated to preparing students for the front lines 
in the Homeland security field has gone from theory to planning in Wilmington,
Del., reportsThe Delaware Business Ledger. – Sun, Jan 25 2009 3:57 am 

Global malnourished to increase by 44 million

21931834~pagePK:34370~piPK:344 24~theSitePK:4607,00.html Global 
Food and Fuel Crisis Will Increase Malnourished by 44 Million Double shock is 
a threat to basic survival, new report says  Press Release No:2008/107/EXC – 
Fri, Oct 17 2008 1:20 pm 

Adam Hanieh: The Economic Crisis and the Global South
Making the World’s Poor Pay: The Economic Crisis and the Global South 
The IMF returns to center stage By Adam Hanieh Global Research, November 23, 
2008 Socialist Project e-bulletin … No. 155 The current global economic 
crisis has all the earmarks of an epoch- – Sun, Nov 23 2008 10:45 am 

Bolivia: radical social transformation
Bolivia: ‘We are going through the most radical experience of social 
transformation in the continent’ — Interview with Álvaro García Linera In the 
following interview, the Vice-President of Bolivia explains his – Fri, Dec 5 
2008 11:02 am 

Secret US war against Somalia
April 27, 2007 “The Most Lawless War of Our Generation”–Fmr. UN 
Spokesperson on Somalia In Somali, fierce clashes in Mogadishu are being 
described as some of the heaviest fighting in the city’s history. Some 329 
people have been – Fri, Dec 19 2008 1:59 am 

Johann Hari: You are being lied to about pirates
Johann Hari: You are being lied to about pirates Some are clearly just 
gangsters. But others are trying to stop illegal dumping and trawling Monday, 
5 January 2009 Who imagined that in 2009, the world’s governments would be 
declaring – Sun, Jan 25 2009 3:00 am 

Simon Butler: overpopulation mythology
..`Too many people’ arguments provide no solution to the global 
warming crisis By Simon Butler November 17, 2008 — In Green Left Weekly, 
Climate and Capitalism and Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal , 
I argued that population reduction schemes provide no answers to the threat of
– Fri, Dec 5 2008 11:07 am 

Nearly 30 percent of US families on poverty wages
World Socialist Web Site WSWS : News & Analysis : North America 
“Working Poor” report: Nearly 30 percent of US families subsist on poverty 
wages By Tom Eley 16 October 2008 Back to screen version | Send this link by 
email | Email the author – Sun, Oct 19 2008 11:39 pm 

Auto bailout: pretext for assault on US workers
World Socialist Web Site Auto bailout provides pretext for 
assault on US workers 21 November 2008 The events of the past few days have 
made clear that a proposed $25 billion bailout of the US Big Three auto 
companies is being used to – Fri, Nov 21 2008 10:36 am 

Britain prepares for escalation in Afghanistan
British defence secretary prepares escalation in Afghanistan By Harvey 
Thompson 21 January 2009 In a speech to an international conference on January
15, Britain’s defence secretary John Hutton delivered the UK government’s 
sharpest public criticism of its European NATO allies as regards the US-led – 
Wed, Jan 21 2009 10:36 am 


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