WTC demolitions: was thermate sufficient?


Richard Moore

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Dimitri A. Khalezov: A third theory about 9/11
Until I saw this material, a video interview with Khalezov, I didn’t know anything about subterranean nuclear explosions. It turns out they can be very useful. The Russians have used them frequently to create chambers in bedrock to store natural gas under pressure. The explosion creates a spherical chamber, lined by a thick layer of volcanic glass, which forms an ideal impermeable container. If the explosion is below a certain depth, depending on the strength of the explosion, no radiation escapes to the surface. The only symptom at the surface is a blip on the richter scales, whose magnitude indicates the strength of the explosion.
Khalezov knows all about these nuclear detonations. He had a high position in the Soviet military, and was in charge of managing the data collected from such detonations, as well as from weapons testing. In the video he shows lots of diagrams, explaining all about how the explosions function, and the various effects that occur, depending on the distance from the center of the blast.
There are three ‘spheres of influence’ that radiate out from the blast point. The central sphere starts out as an ionized plasma, with no chemical structure, and that settles down to become a hollowed out chamber encircled by volcanic glass. The second layer is at first molten rock, and that hardens into a strong rock shell, surrounding the first sphere. The third layer is made up of rock that did not liquify, but which becomes a shell of fractured and broken rock, created by the expansion shock wave from the blast. If the blast is deep enough, none of these effects reach the rock near the surface.
As part of some nuclear treaty, the US and the Soviets were required to notify one another of any plans for nuclear detonations. In this way, Khalezov became aware of the demolition scheme for the World Trade Center. In New York City, and in Chicago, building codes require that a demolition scheme be defined, before any skyscraper can be built. In the case of the Twin Towers, because of their immense strength, there was no conventional demolition scheme — not even based on thermate — that could demolish the towers. (The notion that planes could do the job is ludicrous.)
The demolition schemes for the WTC, and for the Sears Tower in Chicago, were based on subterranean nuclear blasts, somewhat closer to the surface than normal. The ionized sphere and the liquified shell would remain below the surface, while the shock-wave shell would extend up into the buildings, pulverizing the immensely strong central column, and everything else in the buildings. 
The plans Khalezov saw gave the exact placements of the nuclear charges, their strength, and the anticipated effects. In the video, we see various clips of the buildings coming down, and of the aftermath, and every detail matches up with the nuclear-demolition plans. Nothing else can explain the molten steel under the towers months after the event, or the fact that tons of steel and concrete were turned to dust. Thermate can shear steel beams, but it cannot turn them to dust. 
According to the demolition plans, the shock wave would not reach the top section of the Twin Towers. And if you recall from watching the collapse on TV, the top section of the building behaved differently than the rest. All of a sudden, still in one piece, it starts descending into the pulverized bottom section at free-fall speed. Thermate was needed to break apart the top section as it fell, and to break apart the outer steel shell, that was a bit out-of-range of the nuclear shock wave. (Khalezov doesn’t talk about the thermate component of the operation, as his main point is about the nuclear component.)
Khalezov also talks about three levels of cover-story. Level one is the official story, for the masses, about hijacked planes, fires, and a pancake collapse. Level two, aimed at more knowledgeable people, is a story about suitcase nuclear devices, set off by terrorists in the buildings, along with some reason why the public shouldn’t know the ‘real’ story. Level three, aimed at still more knowledgeable people, is a story that the planes were piloted by terrorists, they had nuclear bombs on board that could destroy New York City, and that’s why the demolition scheme had to be carried out. 
Khalezov claims to buy into the level three story. Perhaps he does, or perhaps he found it prudent to pretend he does. Clearly the truth is level four: the whole thing was planned and orchestrated down to the last detail by actors inside the establishment, with Mossad being the most likely source of operatives, to insulate the operation from the US intelligence community as much as possible. 
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