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Richard Moore

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     Kubrick, “The Shining”, and Apollo (god of light = shining)

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Dave Patterson wrote:
Richard – don’t know if you are familiar with Dave McGowan or not – a good writer, though – and with a longish series on the moon landings (and various other things) – beginning here – . I think a lot of people are where I have come from – one *wants* to believe that ‘we’ have made it to the moon – it’s something that most of us outside-the-box thinkers would like to do, I think, ‘shake these mortal coils’, get out there and meet some more intelligent species who have got beyond the ‘biggest dog rules’ stage of development, believe in some greater purpose for us than killing each other and the planet as fast as we can, etc. But after a lot of years of thinking and learning, I have also learned that basically nothing is beyond the people who are ruling us, and although the idea that they would fake the moon landings to distract us from other things seems a bit farfetched, I would not put it past them. 
And McGowan makes a number of compelling arguments – most notably, I suppose, for me, with the question – if we could do it then, with 60s technology, in a few years – why haven’t we been back with our much more developed technology in the 90s and now?
Anyway – hope you’re enjoying your Irish spring –

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the McGowan reference, which I’ve featured above. After looking at his evidence, it becomes clear that the Apollo landings were indeed faked. There are many different kinds of evidence, much more than enough to remove all reasonable doubt. The piece that is perhaps the most persuasive concerns the dangers of radiation and micro-meteorites.  NASA currently estimates 20 years would be needed to prepare for a real moon shot, where the astronauts would have a chance of surviving. And then there’s that ridiculous ‘moon rover’, that couldn’t fit in that flimsy ‘lunar lander’, and wasn’t even engineered to be lightweight. An obvious plot hole in the film production (along with many, many others). 
McGowan makes no mention of Jay Weidner or the Kubrick connection, but he does suggest that Lookout Mountain Studios would be the obvious place for the fake landings to be filmed. That’s a secret military studio near Hollywood, where, for example, films of nuclear tests are processed. If that’s where Kubrick was holed up faking the landings, then the symbolic significance of the Overlook Hotel becomes blatantly obvious, and the experiences in the hotel are clearly intended to be interpreted symbolically, as Weidner has so skillfully done. 
I think McGowan also offers the most likely explanation for the fakery project. If we omit the ‘moon landings’ from the US score sheet, it turns out the Russians have beaten us hands down in the space race. They’re still ahead, in terms of landing and returning an unmanned vehicle to the moon, and in various other exotic ventures. Apollo created the illusion that the US has been ahead. You’ve got to hand it to the US elites for their skill at fakery. When they take the trouble, as with 9/11 or Apollo, they get a big payoff. 
Yes, Spring is especially appreciated after an Irish winter.

Vera Gottlieb wrote:
Even before reading this and just going by your comments…isn’t this perhaps just to get attention? Perhaps we are to believe that the International Space Station isn’t real either? A bit far fetched for me.

Hi Vera,
The International Space Station, and the Shuttle flights, are all in low Earth orbits. This means they are inside the Van Allen belt, and protected from the intense radiation that exists outside that belt. It is a good idea to be skeptical of new ideas, particularly if they seem far-fetched, but not a good idea to avoid looking at the evidence offered.

Diana Skipworth wrote:
Thanks, Richard.  I really love this stuff!
Well, you know that thing Shakespeare is to have said– about the World being a stage, and the many people, “players” —  I am so “into” it, I cannot speak the words…
Suffice to say, I look forward to my big “guffaw” when I get to the other side of life, realizing it was just a “joke” all along.

I’d be careful there. The joke might turn out be that you had a mission in this life, and didn’t attend to it. 

Tasha wrote:
hi. thanks. fascinating, exhausting, and perplexing, all that deliberate encoding and conspiracy.  but it makes perfect sense.

I can’t wait to watch the Shining again, with the pause and rewind buttons close at hand. Also I wish there were some way to see the footage they stripped out of Eyes Wide Shut, after Kubrick conveniently died prior to release. 

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