Kubrick, “The Shining”, and Apollo (god of light=shining)


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Anyone who was alive then will never be able to forget the first Apollo moon landing. The real-time voice of Neil Armstrong, telling us how he feels as he takes the first steps on the moon. It was a real emotional high, a ‘big step’ for humanity. But did it really happen? Ionut Dobrinescu brought to my attention these articles by Jay Weidner:

How Stanley Kubrick
Faked the Apollo Moon Landings:
Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Lies.
Alchemical Kubrick II

Secrets of The Shining:
Or How Faking the Moon Landings Nearly
Cost Stanley Kubrick his Marriage and his Life.

Weidner is a filmmaker, and in the first article he analyzes Kubrick’s filming techniques, comparing them to the Apollo footage. He talks about the special kind of half-mirror Kubrick uses, for example in 2001, that enables a stage set to seem like a vast panorama. He shows the filming artifacts that can be seen in the frames, both in 2001 and the Apollo shots. He points to some of the obvious irregularities, such as shadows on the moon that aren’t parallel, and suggests Kubrick left those in intentionally as clues, fortunately not noticed by NASA.
In the second article, Weidner analyzes the symbolism in The Shining, particularly the elements that were changed from the Stephen King novel. The murdered twin girls, for example, were not twins in the novel. Weidner suggests they symbolize the Gemini program, the now-dead predecessor to Apollo, and the previous occupants of the Overlook Space-Program Hotel. Weidner shows how the pervasive symbolism, and the overall structure of the film, secretly reveal the story of Kubrick’s frightening interactions with NASA while he was creating the Apollo footage.

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