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>Subject: y2m
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>>Subject: y2m
>>If you have not watched the C-Span symposium by The Center for Strategic
and International Studies devoted to the problems that are going to be
generated by the millenium bug; check out y2m with your browser. 
>>This panel was organized by Bradly Belt of the Center for Strategic
Studies. It included Keith Rhodes, General Accounting Office chief
scientist, Peter Jager, author of Surviving the year 2000, Edward Yardenni,
Deutch Morgan Grenfell, chief economist, Howard Rubin, Ruben Systems Co.,
Bruce Webster, Object Systems Group, Chief Information Officer, Alan
Simpson, Communication Links President, and Arnaud de Borchgrave.
>>The consensus of the group was that the year 2000, and even before that,
the government, and the corporations are going to self-distruct. They
predict an anarchic world without communications, and a total shut-down of
all the services we take for granted. They predict famine, chaos, and
anarchy. These corporate advisors take note of the fact that the vast
majority of corporations, and the government itself, will not be able to
change over their computer systems in time, and that every satelite in the
sky will go dead. 
>>They also predict that this will take place at a time when a new
depression will hit that will ruin everyone. They advised their clients to
forget every other issue. The Euro for example is a lost cause. They called
for a massive mobilization of resources to attack, not the problem of
changing the computers, but to institute contingency measures with the
certainty that the time has long passed for a technical solution. 
>>I suggest that we, who face the kind of government by corporate oligarchy
that you outlined, also take a look at our priorities. In this scenario a
plan to outlaw the sale of common stock is not radical at all. We are like
an army on a battlefield where the enemy has just been vaporized. Now it is
up to us to reorganize the world. Politics is going to return to the
streets. We must quit thinking defensively; Goliath is dead. David is king.
Lets us do some contingency planning.
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