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There seems to be quite a bit of interest in this dialog with Foster re/Thrive & the philosophy behind it. Today I’ll share your responses to Foster’s message (above), and tomorrow I’ll post my own comments. After that, I’ll post Foster’s review of my proposal for the Transformation Project, which I requested, and he graciously provided.
Three of you sent in rather long responses, and I posted those to newslog, so that I could link to them here:

‘lmbash’ responded to Peter’s statement:
Thank you peter,
you stole the words from my mouth and write in a clear concise way which I greatly appreciate. I totally share your point of view.

Rose wrote:
Thank you, Richard. I have a thought. 
I believe the word government comes from the greek… “govern” means control and “mente” means mind. If so, the word “government” literally means “mind control”. When we discuss government, maybe we should establish first what that is and means and then start using the english translation so we all are on the same page. The question that might come up for us immediately (instead of “what kind of government should we vote for, go along with, agree to, support, or create etc.?”), is “what kind of mind control do we want?” or “do we want any external “mind-control” at all? What if we got back control – of our own minds? Most people around the world refer to what they think should be a fair, social structure administration as “Government”. But the mind controllers are hiding the truth in plain sight, which is one of their techniques… (eg.greek – “Media” or “Medea” is the Goddess of Manipulation) …so why not use the right terminology. If we just replaced the borrowed greek word Government with the english translation “Mind-Control”, and the word Media with “Medea-the-Manipulator” (or something like that just to keep it light) we might then become more clear about what we don’t want.  And it might then free up our minds to be creative in regards to what we do want… and then maybe we could start using our imaginations, which is probably one of our best but least utilized tools at this point.  John Lennon sang “there are no problems, only solutions”… I believe he was referring to free minds and imaginations.

Jim Fadiman wrote:
thanks. Hard to take in a lot of Foster’s concerns at one time, that is why he made a movie ( took years)