Aldeia de Sonho, Portugal: inspiring community awakening


Richard Moore

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One of the fellows here at Biotop showed me this video, and I’m eager to share it. Aldeia de Sonho is a village where most people have left, due to lack of employment. As part of a Transition initiative, we see in this video people being asked to share their dreams for the village, and we also see them beginning to act on those dreams. I think you’ll agree that the things they share are touching and inspiring.

One of the themes is that there are lots of empty houses there, and the residents would love to have people come from all over to live there, and help rebuild the community life. The Biotop fellow who showed me the video is planning to go there this winter and get a permaculture project started. 

Here’s the URL:

Scroll down to this one:

     “Aldeia de Sonho” parte 1 (com legendas em inglês / with english subtitles)