“Bush Insists Iran Remains a Threat” – Is he losing control?


Richard Moore


This quote is from today's New York Times, "Bush Insists Iran Remains 
a Threat Despite Arms Data"
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        "President Bush warned on Tuesday that Iran remained a threat
         despite an intelligence assessment that it had halted a
         covert program to develop nuclear weapons four years ago, as
         the administration struggled to save a diplomatic process
         now in disarray."

This is a very interesting situation. It is no surprise that the 
intelligence announcement has seriously disrupted the anti-Iran 
campaign that Bush & Co. have been carrying out in the UN and 
bilaterally. Everyone who approved the release of the report, if they 
had any sense at all, certainly knew that would be the result.

My theory after yesterday's posting 
(http://cyberjournal.org/show_archives/?id=1357) was that a decision 
had been made not to invade Iran, and that the announcement was the 
beginning of a new policy and PR line. But now that we see Bush 
sticking with the old policy line, that theory falls apart, and the 
plot thickens considerably.

So what's going on here? If the White House approved the release of 
the report, then they were shooting their own anti-Iran campaign in 
the foot. Why would they do this? They certainly didn't hesitate to 
censor and manipulate intelligence reports in the lead up to their 
Iraq invasion. They could easily have blocked this report by 
declaring it 'classified, national security'.

And if the White House didn't approve the release, then we've got a 
real mystery on our hands. Did all the intelligence agencies get 
together, along with the NY Times, and decide to stab the White House 
in the back? That's a conspiracy theory I would be very skeptical 
about. In either case then, whether the White House did or did not 
approve the announcement, we end up with a scenario that doesn't make 
much sense.

At the moment, I can come up with only one theory that makes sense 
and is consistent with these recent developments. I hope this theory 
lasts more than 24 hours! We'll see. If it turns out to be on the 
mark, then "You saw it here first". Here goes, in the form of a story 
line, and it involves not looking at the "White House" as a single 

         The 'men behind the curtain', the real decision makers, the
         money people -- and their inner circle of advisors -- have
         reached a decision that the Iran invasion plan should be
         abandoned. Presumably, such a decision also implies other
         changes in the neocon game plan as well. They then brought
         Cheney in, told him the news, and said he could either take
         the fall along with Bush, or he could play his cards as
         instructed. The guy has brains, need one guess his choice?
             Cheney then tracked down Bush, on the skeet shoot or
         wherever he hangs out, and said "We've got a problem; let's
         talk." He then led him down the garden path..."Here's the
         thing...this new report came out that we've got to release,
         otherwise someone will leak it and catch us with our pants
         down. But it's no problem, you'll be able to handle it.
         We'll play it down in the press, and then you can come out
         gangbusters, as you do so well, and explain how this doesn't
         really change anything. You can do it, boy!" "Whatever",
         says Bush,  "you can count on me to read the prompts as usual.
         But let's schedule the press briefing after 4, I've got a grudge
         golf game and a big bet on the line. Oh, and remind me later
         what the report's about."

That is to say, I'm predicting that Bush is being left out to dry, 
set up as the sacrificial lamb, a part that suits him all too well. 
Already half the nation and most of the world thinks he's a dangerous 
fool. If 'they' keep undermining him in the many ways they can, and 
simply encourage him to 'speak his own mind', he'll destroy himself 
soon enough. Then someone like Hillary can come in, repudiate (at 
least in rhetoric) some of the neocons' worst excesses, and everyone 
will think, "The system works after all, democracy is restored". 
Cheney? Perhaps he'll sidestep back to Halliburton, and spend his 
time in his money vault, Scrooge McDuck style.

Meanwhile we'll still have our five permanent mega-bases in Iraq, the 
Patriot Act, Homeland Security, lies about 9/11, an arms race with 
Russia and China, and our imperialist war machine will be turned on 
easier targets than Iran, such as Africa. See:
     "The Pentagon & the re-conquest of Africa"

Fanciful? Got a better theory? Let's see how things develop over the 
next few days or so...



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