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Richard Moore

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re/ Spirituality & ‘transformation of consciousness’
Jay Fenello wrote:
Hi Richard,
In looking at the systemic problems that exist in the world today, the only way I can envision the “system” changing is through a global awakening of consciousness.  That’s why I’ve been writing about the five dimensions of consciousness, with a goal of providing people with a map to use on their individual paths.
In other words, I believe you are on the right topic.  To  learn more about where I’m coming from, please check out my postings at:
As always, comments welcome …

Hi Jay,
You are ‘seeking a way’ for the system to change. And you have an ‘idea’, that a global awakening of consciousness might be the solution. That’s a good start. The next step in you quest is to examine whether your solution is achievable, and if that achievement occurred, would it change the system. Simply holding on to the ‘idea’ abandons your seeking process in its early, primitive stages. 
As you say on your blog, “An even smaller percentage of the people have ever experienced Nirvana”. Great teachers have been trying to spread enlightenment for thousands of years, long before Buddha, and there have never been more than a few that have gotten far on the path. Mass enlightenment is not going to suddenly happen now in this soulless age, and it is not clear that mass enlightenment is the way the universe is intended to function. Life is about the journey, not about already being at the destination.
And even if lots of people did ‘wake up’, how would that deal with our systemic problems? The task of those who have achieved some level of consciousness is to use that consciousness to help deal with the problems, and the problems are cultural and political in nature, not spiritual. None of us ordinary people ‘ethically wills’ our system to be non-sustainable. Our spirits are not the problem.
We’ve been talking about personal transformation on this list, and about social transformation, and it is important not to confuse those topics. One may contribute to the other, but it is the horse that comes first, not the cart.
re/ rkm: notes from the path
Mark Langdon wrote:
Good morning Richard
  Many thanks for this email  it has filled me with a huge sense of optimism and belief. I think the ‘neutral convenor team’ concept is a brilliant one and of limitless potential.I thank you for sharing your personal experience of reawakening the ability within yourself to ‘just be’ and seek the wonder that can be found in unexpected places and by embracing a willingness to find meaning and learning in the uncharted journey of the soul.
  It’s exciting and fun to be part of something so focused on achieving  the type of community transformation that could  assist in achieving so many of the hopes, dreams and desires that we and our friends across the world share.
  Thanks for finding the path, it’s a pleasure to be able to accompany you on the journey.
 very best wishes

Hi Mark,
Nice to hear from you. I haven’t gotten much feedback on the neutral-convener-team’ concept, and I’m glad you share my enthusiasm. For me, the idea was a major breakthrough, the coming together of several long-standing threads. 
I really enjoyed my visit to Glasgow last weekend, and meeting you and the other folks. I was essentially in the role of a neutral convener, and you are a diverse group of community activists, so the visit served as a first test of the concept. I felt that the main ideas held true, that activist energy is important in getting things started, and that it will take a while to get activists to see beyond the causes that motivate them. A shift of consciousness is needed in order to approach community awakening without a content agenda. I’d say you are one of the few ‘early adopters’. 
  This is a terrific posting that reads as though you have undergone metamorphosis.  Perhaps that’s an appropriate metaphor for the second part of your life.  The years spent gaining knowledge by gobbling up many thousands of books and articles, etc.  Then… your recent years in Wexford living almost in a cocoon as you digested them and formulated original ideas.  And now… emerging as a butterfly about to spread wings.  Hopefully the forthcoming trip to Glasgow will be the first of many exciting journeys on those wings.  Butterflies bring colour and beauty and smiles to our faces, and you also bring fresh ideas and hope.  Can I suggest that you now spend all your energy on being a butterfly?   Your prognostications scare the hell out us. Articles such as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were useful, but your butterfly years should be different. 
  Yes! It really is now time for you to abandon your self-imposed exile in the garret in Wexford.  At the local level, I suggested at least one day a week getting out and about visiting the towns and villages in the south of Ireland with your free bus and rail pass. Go kiss the Blarney Stone. Walk, talk and meet ordinary, everyday people. It is from them – from us – that change must come.   Mentally and physically it will be hugely beneficial to you.  
  Your idea of “neutral convener teams” just might be the big breakthrough community empowerment is waiting for.  So simple, so clever.  
 Best wishes,

Hi Jim,
Thanks for your support and encouragement. It was a pleasure to get to see you and Maureen again, on my way back from Glasgow. To the extent there has been a metamorphosis, you two get the credit for inviting me over last month for what turned out to be a spiritual retreat. 
However, as anyone on the path knows, ‘satori is not enlightenment’. That is, one can have breakthroughs and insights, and ‘moments of awakening’, and old patterns can reassert themselves. One must devote attention to maintaining wakefulness, as falling back asleep is so easy. Wish me luck.
My prognostications scare the hell out of me as well, and I wrote Prognosis 2012 as a way to purge all that. Since then, every news item reveals one more step in the direction outlined in that article. It was totally clear the day after the bailouts were announced, that there could be no recovery of the old economic system. And yet, two years later, so-called economists are still expressing ‘surprise’ that things continue downwards. 
re/ cj dialog 8 Sep
Thomas Schley wrote
Hi Richard,
I applaud your statement about paying less attention to what the media grinds out for us, even internet blogs.  It can be overwhelming and unhealthy for us to spend too much time immersed in this barage of information and invective.
However I want to point out Chris Hedges’ latest article.  I find it is pretty right on with what I’m thinking these days.  For example:

All resistance will take place outside the arena of electoral politics. The more we expand community credit unions, community health clinics and food cooperatives and build alternative energy systems, the more empowered we will become” 

Hi Tom,
Chris Hedge’s article is not a news item, and not an example of what the media grinds out for us. It is one of the most profound semi-mainstream articles I’ve seen. Thanks for that. I republished it with a different title:
Chris Hedges escapes from the Matrix

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