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Richard Moore

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re/ Scotland trip report
Thomas Brinson wrote:
Indeed, Richard, most intriguingly . . .
Atman experiencing Atman. !~!~! 
This reminds me of a poem I wrote a number of years ago:

pastel dusk descends
sharp edges of daylight fade
everywhere mute
duck mates aimless stroll
seeking bugs in ground through lawn
fresh-cut smells surround
leaf-tinged branches swell
mandalas spreading skyward
late Spring chills shiver
bright Venus glimmers
swathed in nest of purple-pinks
holographic tide
i watch
i breathe
all suspended
this moment
passing so
other suchness is
perhaps in this way
through our perception
the splendor

I would add: thereby learning more about ITself as a necessary part of the continuing process of consciousness evolution. Ala Teilhard de Chardin, Christ encountering Buddha, encountering Shiva, encountering Jehovah, encountering Allah, encountering Tree Spirit, ad infinitum in an ever-shifting matrix of experiencings leading where? Maybe nowhere, maybe it’s just the mere magnificent of being being itself over and over and over again, like Olaf Stapledon wrote in a number of Sci-Fi novels back in the 1930/40s.

Wonderful to experience this dialogue,

Thomas Brinson,
Activist Poet/Dramatist,
Who Sometimes Asks Poetically-correct Questions

127 Tinker Street
Woodstock, NY 12498

Thanks Thomas, for your lovely poem. 
re/ Spirituality & ‘transformation of consciousness’

Linnea Meyer wrote:
Simply brilliant, Richard.  😉   I am smiling hugely.  Such a long journey I have taken with you since 1998 – and your email list.  Sorry I was not able to meet with you when you came through Seattle a couple years back…but then I am much enjoying the ‘now you’ – and the spontaneous now moments you continue to share with us on this list….and the blog and transformation ‘book’…
  Linnea Meyer/Seattle

Hi Linnea,
Nice to hear from you. I invite you to share what this journey has been like for you.
Catherine Breen wrote:
Hi Richard, great post. It’s fantastic that you’re going through the same awakening as me right now. I’m really beginning to feel this awakwning on mankind that David Icke and countless others have predicted. I really hope I get to meet David when I see him in London on September 11th. I have a lot I want to say to him including my Vipassana meditation experience and simultaneous awakening among other things. Enjoying electric picnic. See you on Monday for your birthday.
 Take care,
 Your friend,

Hi Catherine,
Our paths seem to be crossing in many ways. A pleasure to be traveling with you.

re/ The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda

Dion Giles wrote:
Thanks – an amazing article.  I hope it gets very wide cover.  I’ll certainly do my little bit towards it.
 Regards, Dion
Hi Dion,
Glad you found the article useful. I’m beginning to lose interest in following news. I ‘see’ the collapse around us in a certain way. To me it feels like we’re in the aftermath of an earthquake, but don’t realize it. In an earthquake where all communication has been cut off, and the airwaves aren’t broadcasting. In such a case action can only be local, doing what you can where you are. In our case we do get communications from distant places, but what we get is irrelevant to our objective situation and what we need to be doing.


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