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Richard Moore

This is a kind of cross-over piece, sort of
right-wing, and sort of not.  If you lose interest
in the Oklahoma stuff, fast forward to "GENETIC

Ice nine may have been only science fiction, but
biotech has the same potential dangers.


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17 February 2001

Dear friends of truth,

Late last night I watched a Pentagon general in a
CNN newscast justify the bombing of military
installations around Baghdad, by 23 US and British
airplanes a few hours earlier, as "necessary
self-defense!" The general seemed not unaware of
how inanely false the words he was required to
mouth were.

Listening to him, it seemed about time to face up
to just how hard and fast the world is being
driven away from a semblance of democracy to
economic feudalism - that is to say, to the
rule of a money-controlling elite over a
psychically numbed and semi-literate populace.

It seems to me that we are weeks rather than
months away from witnessing the clear unfolding of
a long-planned, horrendous clampdown on all
opposition to the money masters -- mainly in the
US, but by no means confined to the US.

Some news items along from the report of the
Baghdad bombing, there was a reference to the
forthcoming execution of Timothy McVeigh for the
1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

In this account, as in others in recent days,
there has been no mention of responsible
researches that show that McVeigh's fertilizer
bomb truck could not possibly have been the sole
cause of the wreckage in which 168 people died;
that it is more than likely that the FBI knew
about the bombing in advance and added four or
five bombs of their own.

I am absolutely sure that there are many, many
people who know that there are serious
reservations about the extent of McVeigh's
culpability. Yet such is our psychic numbing, we
are inclined to roll along with the official spin.
It is not easy to breakthrough the servility
barrier that holds us back from living for the
truth, to the point of being outcast for it.

It was with considerable gratitude, therefore,
that I received the following breakthrough email
from my friend Art Rosenblum. It echoes my
concerns. It puts the Oklahoma City bombing in
perspective, relative to the Anti-Terrorist Act
that was passed just after it. And it shows how
the bombing may come to be seen as meaning for the
neo-fascist theft of power in the US today what
the burning of the Reichstag in Berlin meant for
the Nazi accession to power in 1933.

I have shortened Art's email and, under his
heading "What can we do?", I have edited out
details related to his own quasi-community.

I go along with Art's argument for communal
living but I just don't think that this is a
full enough response in itself. I think our world
societies are now so steeped in untruth, so
materially corrupted and spiritually contaminated,
that only a readiness to symbolically disarm the
military and demolish the structures of
money's power, with a willingness to be
imprisoned (like the Plowshare activists) and
otherwise persecuted for it, will satisfy the
divine in us!

In friendship,

Boudewijn Wegerif


Dear Friends,

Our entire culture is fragmented, broken might
even be the word. You know Bush was not elected,
that corporations have taken over the media, our
food is at risk from genetic engineering, our
people have lost control of government.

But all these issues are separated so we can't put
it all together and see the whole picture, to see
solutions that work for our entire planet, our
whole lives. At the end of this post, I'll make
some radical suggestions, answers we can consider.

I'm attempting to summarize these serious issues
so that we can see them in context together and
then also supply some of the evidence that makes
the picture believable.

The ANTI-TERRORIST ACT of 1996 is a law that can
essentially end our freedom to protest any
government action by allowing the police to define
even nonviolent protest action as terrorism. It
was passed by trickery in 1995; trickery that
involved the highly publicized murder of children
as well as adults in a government conspiracy as
yet little known.

I was sure that it was [passed] within days of the
OK City bombing, but now it's dated 1996. The
bombing was April 19, 1995. Now I've had my
recollection confirmed by others and would suggest
the official date change may be intended to
distance it from that bombing. The act, which
allows police to confiscate without trial houses
and cars of any persons they "claim" are in
violation was [passed] only a week after the
bombing of the OK City Federal Bldg. Obviously it
was prepared well in advance of that bombing and
passed by a congress in shock.

But the truth behind that bombing is hidden by the
corporately owned media and government agencies
directly involved.

I know this sounds like insane "conspiracy theory"
so it may be difficult to get you to look at the
facts. It will only be rational to most readers if
they can put various, seemingly separate issues
together in their minds and that is what I am
attempting to do here.

I'll try to present the issues in broad outlines
and then give you substantial information to prove
that what I am saying is verified. The evidence
may be too lengthy for you to read, but it is
important to get it all together to grasp the
whole picture. I was led to write this after
seeing the following post about the ANTI-TERRORISM
ACT. which I will have to abbreviate . . . Here is
the excerpt:

by Ross Regnart

"The Anti--Terrorist Act of 1996 appears aimed at
public dissent: The ACT contains language which
can charge law-abiding citizens as being agents or
affording support to terrorist organizations:
Broadly written--intent to commit terrorist acts
is defined: (Appeared To Be Intended Toward
Violence or Activities Which Could Intimidate or
Coerce a Civilian Population; or To Influence the
Policy of a Government). (18USC Sec. 2331): Any
picket line or demonstration, alleged by police to
have blocked or obstructed public access, could
qualify as "Terrorist Activities" to intimidate or
coerce a civilian population: Terrorist charges
make it possible for police to forfeit attending
demonstrators' homes used for meetings and the
vehicles they used for transportation to the


"The media, right, left and in between, has taken
a . . . supine attitude towards the Anti-Terrorist
Act. Should we really have a law that allows our
government to do such things? And how in the world
did we end up with a law like this in the first

"The last question is easy to answer: The
Anti-Terrorism Act was unpassable until 168 people
were killed in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.
And we all know what happened in that city on that
day. Timothy McVeigh, a loner, a nut, a malcontent
drove a Ryder truck packed with explosives made of
fertilizer to the front of the A. P. Murrah
Federal Building and set it off.

"There's just one small problem with the story: it
defies the laws of physics and common sense.

"I was first clued in to the gaping holes in the
Oklahoma City story by a video sent to me by one
of my readers. Among other things, I document
instances of election fraud, the crime that "never
happens" in the US. My readers come from all over
the political spectrum, from Marxists who see
election fraud as yet another proof of the
untenability of capitalism to rabid Rush-ites who
are sure it's all a part of a liberal plot.

"Fortunately for my sanity, because I correspond
with my readers on a regular basis, most fall
somewhere in the middle.

"One day a video arrived with a note saying in
essence: `You've got to see this!' So
I popped it in the VCR. What I saw shocked, but
didn't surprise me. The video was made up of
footage taken from live local TV news reports
right after the bombing in Oklahoma City. The same
theme was consistent throughout all the
broadcasts: `A bomb has gone off inside the
Murrah building and the bomb squad is clearing out
rescue workers because additional bombs have been

"Also included with this tape was a video of a
public access interview with one Benton Partin, a
retired Air Force Brigadier General. In it he
makes the case that the major damage to the Murrah
Building could only have been done by a bomb or
bombs inside the building. His presentation was
logical and his logic was unassailable. More on
this later.

"I don't need to have a ton of bricks fall on me
to appreciate the obvious and I filed all this
away as yet another example of the stupendous
ineptitude of the US news media. Can't they get
anything right? Can't they do anything other than
rewrite government and corporate press releases?
What's happened to independent reporting, seeking
the truth, and all the other stuff I still naively
believe is the reason we have a news media in the
first place?

"Months later, I casually mentioned to a group of
fellow journalists that we still don't know what
damaged the Murrah Building so severely and one of
them was all over me: `Don't you know that
all those doubts are from stories planted by right
wing militia kooks?'

"No actually, I didn't know that. What I do know
is that for several hours after the blast, the
local media quite clearly and unequivocally
referred to a blast inside the building, as did
many of the eye witnesses and victims who were
interviewed live on the scene. The anchors even
read from a Justice Department press release that
said the same thing.

"But then the story changed. And the live feeds
from the street stopped. Now it was a truck bomb
parked in front of the building that did all the
damage. Despite how you may disrespect local TV
reporters, and how much many of them have earned
that disrespect, they are pretty good at sticking
microphones in people's faces and letting them
talk. And when they don't start out with a
preprogrammed agenda, they sometimes let the truth
slip through.

"Is it likely that right wing militia nuts seeded
the street with victims and local officials to
spread the "rumor" that there was a bomb inside
the building? Is the FBI, which has been caught in
so many lies they have filled several books, a
likely source of reliable information about a
tragedy they may have inadvertently had a hand in?
(The Bureau had been warned the Murrah Building
was a target for attack, but did nothing to
protect the occupants.)

"'But what about Partin? Surely he can't
know what he's talking about. Surely he's a
militia kook who dreams at night of overturning
the federal government.' No, actually Partin
is a man whose attitudes would be considered
absolutely typical and mainstream in many parts of
the country. He's a self-described Christian and
proud of it, he hates Communism, and he believes
its philosophy is the single biggest threat to
American freedom. These attitudes are hardly
uncommon among career military men.

"In fact, it would have been hard to rise to the
level of Brigadier General during the Cold War
without holding them. Furthermore, not only does
he not hate the `guv'ment,' he's been
steadily involved in mainstream political
activities since his retirement from active duty.
How mainstream? How about chairman of the
Republican Party in Fairfax County, Virginia for
four years? His solution to this country's
problems? Getting more people to become involved
in the political process.


"Like many people who thoroughly grasp a subject,
Partin is the soul of clarity when explaining his
science to novices. Take the Murrah Building in
Oklahoma City, for example. One look at the
pictures of the damage tells you at least part of
the force which killed our fellow citizens came
from deep within the building. Why? The severe
damage to supporting columns inside the building.
This kind of damage can only be done by charges
placed on or drilled into a column and absolutely
cannot be done by the air blast generated by a
bomb detonating in the street. (If you have an
emotional need to doubt this, as many seem to do
on this subject, contact a demolition company and
ask them.)..."

For the full text of this report request: "OK City
Facts -AntiTerrorism Act.txt" from Art
Rosenblum at <mailto:•••@••.•••>•••@••.•••


Could the Anti-Terrorism act be used to stop us
from protesting the dangers of genetic

A recent report was so shocking that I could not
pass it on without some careful checking. The
report stated that a GE ERROR COULD DESTROY LIFE

Miranda Spencer
sent a report stating "All [plant] life on earth
could be destroyed by genetically modified

The report said that scientists modified a common
soil bacteria so that it could be used to turn
waste material from farms into ethanol (alcohol
for fuel). It sounded like an excellent idea,
which could produce huge amounts of fuel from
plant material currently wasted. It worked. Large
amounts of alcohol were produced.

But then Dr. Elaine Ingham at Oregon State
University added that bacteria to soil where wheat
plants were growing. Seven days later the wheat
plants were turned to slime.

Had this modified bacteria been released into the
environment it might have killed all plants and
there would have been no way to "recall" it. It
could have multiplied indefinitely.

This report seemed so extreme, that I hesitated to
pass it on without some verification so I called
Oregon State U. to talk with Elaine Ingham. I
learned she was traveling, lecturing, and spoke
with her assistant who assured me the report was
correct. He said the full paper could be found in
the Journal of Applied Soil Ecology # 11, pages 67
- 78 - in an article authored by
Ingham and M.T. Holmes. Elaine Ingham works with
an organization called "Soil Food Web, Inc." (541)
752-5066. I'm told they are getting a lot of calls
about this matter.

Of course, this is extremely serious. There was no
legal requirement to test this GE altered bacteria
on plants or soil before releasing it for alcohol
production. But once released, there is no telling
how it might have multiplied anywhere, everywhere
and how fast. Bacteria are not like cows that can
be brought back into the barn. Once out, it's out
and can go wherever nature takes it. One Genetic
Engineering mistake, a thing, which could happen
at any time, can possibly destroy plants all over.

Genetic engineering can be more dangerous by far
than nuclear weapons and proliferation. What kind
of insanity are we getting into?

And yet, with this "Anti-Terrorism Act" any group
that protests Genetic Engineering, even
nonviolently can be charged with terrorism. The
houses they met in can be confiscated, cars taken
away, etc. And even if the people are later proved
innocent of any crime, there is no assurance that
property will be returned.

There is much more. The U.S. government is still
bombing Iraq every week. It hardly makes the
press. The "war on drugs" is being used as an
excuse to incarcerate millions of Americans and
enslave millions more in other countries. We've
just had a horrible report of the ongoing
slaughter of thousands of Indians in Ecuador for
protesting WTO inspired enslavement. I'm waiting
to publish the details until I can get some
confirmation directly from friends in Ecuador.


When I put these and many other things together I
see our entire culture heading in a very wrong
direction. It does appear that the Nazis and their
CIA (of which Bush is a part) have taken over. We
have an illegitimate presidency and a media afraid
to tell the truth, corporate rule by the rich and
slavery for the poor. All this has been
accomplished by a policy of "divide and conquer"
which makes us into separate individuals all
competing against one another for all our needs
including love relationships.

But for 99% of our time on earth, all humans have
lived communally, tribally, cooperatively. One
could therefore surmise that our separate family
lifestyle is not normal for humans. And there is
no way we can solve our problems or the world's by
remaining as isolated separate families.

I can do my work full time because I'm willing to
put the needs of the world first and my own
comfort second. I'm very grateful for what comfort
I now have but am willing to live with much less .
. . I'm willing to support any number of others
who want to work with us and share what we have in
an intimate communal setting . . .


I've investigated cooperative alternatives of all
kinds for many years, lived in them over 20 years.
I believe it is a time for a major return to
cooperative lifestyles of many kinds . . . By
living together closely with a common purpose in
mind, a positive future for our planet, we can
free up individuals to work full time at various
projects we agree on, while others raise funds or
bring income. We may not be rich, but might be a
lot happier than living alone. Working on any
project full time is far more effective than doing
it as a sideline. And doing it together is far
more effective than working alone.

I can't say that we have all the answers, but we
do feel that we know what the "next step" should

Peace and love, Art Rosenblum,
Aquarian Research Foundation, 5620 Morton St.,
Philadelphia, PA 19144. Phone: 215-848-2292
day/eve. Working for a positive future for our
planet since 1969. Web: