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Dear cj,

A point of view worth understanding.


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Subject: The "police state" isn't just philosophical chatter anymore  . . .

"In the beginning of a change, The Patriot is a scarce man,
      brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however,
        the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
                                         -- Mark Twain

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Subject: The "police state" isn't just philosophical chatter anymore  . . .


Tonight, during Halloween weekend, I went downtown in my small
college town. There were police walking in and out of the bars all
night--they'd stroll in, look around for smokers (it's illegal in
California), walk through the bar to assert their presence and then
leave. It's becoming a really common occurence in this town--holiday
weekend or not.

It got me thinking about my personal brushes with the law over the
last year, and how it seems the police in my town (and in the news)
are becoming more and more present in my life.

I should note first that I'm White, 32, engaged, gainfully employed,
and a homeowner. My hair is short (and getting shorter), I have no
tattoos or piercings, and I generally shy away from clothing with
slogans such as "by any means necessary," etc. In short, not the type
of guy that usually meets the profile of a troublemaker. I mention
these things  not to blab about how fantastic a citizen I am, but just
because I often wonder if I'M getting so much hassle, what about the
folks who are little out of the ordinary in appearance or lifestyle?

Here's a quick summary of my last year with the cops. There have been
no beatings, no major incidents--I just want to show how the police in
my town (and elsewhere) are becoming more and more a part of our
lives, with more power to confiscate, question, and detain citizens.

1. By way of a press release, police informed citizens in our town
that couches on porches are a fire hazard, and that they will be
ticketed--and hauled away if necessary.

2. A few months ago, a friend borrowed my car on an errand and was
pulled over for a minor traffic violation. She was informed that her
license had been suspended for failing to pay a previous parking fine,
and because she was non-licensed, MY car was confiscated by the police
and impounded.

3. I do computer development and often work late nights. When I'm on
the street late at night, I'm usually tailed and "profiled" by an
officer about one out of three trips. Occasionally, cruisers will
follow my car closely for ten or more blocks, including turns.
Recently, a cruiser turned off its headlights while following me. I
drive like a grandmother, so none have ever pulled me over.

4. This summer, my band was recording in a garage on the outskirts of
town. The local Sheriff came out and informed us there'd been a noise
call. We shut down, packed up, and started to BBQ with friends and
family. The Sheriff returned with five deputies as backup, came into
the homeowner's back yard and arrested the homeowner for noise
violation. They also arrested two others for "drunk in public" (in a
back yard?) but both requested blood-alcohol tests and were released
after being booked and held for hours. The deputies also confiscated
all of our music equipment and held it as "evidence" for three days.

5. Last Thanksgiving I and my fiancee drove six hours south so she
could meet my parents for the holiday. On our return, we were stopped
by a CHP and told that our car's registration was expired more than a
year (it was). We were left on the side of the road at about 11 p.m,
50 miles from our home while the police first searched and then
confiscated our car.  (Nothing was found in the search but a bear claw
donut  on the dashboard)

6.  My neighbor was walking to work at 5 am one morning, a time when
our local streets are very dead. He made his usual shortcut (which
required a short jaywalk across a one-way street in which traffic
would have been visible for several blocks in either direction). A
police cruiser had just passed by. The cop spotted my neighbor, and
backed up three blocks going the wrong way on the one-way street to
issue a jaywalking ticket.

7. At a local bar, my band had just finished a set when we heard some
noise outside. Apparently a patron had stepped out of the bar holding
a water glass, and three cruisers were out front assessing the
situation. The bartender on duty apologized and the officers were
ready to leave, when the bar owner's voice took on a tone that
displeased one of the officers. Three officers went inside the club,
went immediately behind the bar, and began shining flashlights through
the liquor bottles searching for "contaminants." Two bottles were
found to be contaminated, both of them top-shelf liquors.

9. After playing a gig at a local bar and having three beers in the
process, I was driving home and found a cruiser on my tail, but
hanging back a block or so. Not knowing if three beers would put me
over the limit, I figured it best  to pull over and walk. When my
fiancee and I got out and started walking, the cruiser immediately
pulled up next to us and both officers jumped out to detain us.
Another car joined them a few minutes later. They asked us questions
having little to do with alcohol: where were we going, where did we
live, where did we work, where were we coming from, etc. After about
10 minutes of grilling, they let us go.

Dear Ken,
I needed to vent about this before I exploded, and I'm sure
that many others feel the same way right now.

I don't know about anyone else, but who does the gov't think
they're kidding!?!  Here they are making laws and putting
restrictions on people and little do they realize that
they're making things worse by doing this, even well known
old time actors are lobbying against these laws and saying
they won't work. What needs to happen before we are listened
to and the gov't finally backs off with these
unconstitutional law making ideas? I don't think I'm being
unreasonable and I know for a fact that we need to do
something and we need to do it fast before all our ways of
life and our constitutional rights are lost forever, and I'm
sure that most of you agree.

God Bless Us All.

"Cris" <•••@••.•••>

[APFN] Cris, they just don't care..... after six years, maybe, five out of
thousands have stood by me in the battles.





It will be worse tomorrow, worse the next day and so on!

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