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Richard Moore


I've just updated our website.

The list archives have been brought current, and the draft
of last-year's book attempt "Achieving a Livable and
Peaceful World" is now available on the "Published Articles"
page.  Parts I and II of the book are complete, and offer a
more comprehensive historical treatment than does the more
concise Guidebook.

I'm especially pleased to announce that "Escaping the
Matrix" is now available in Spanish, thanks to Ricardo Avila
of Chile (see below).

I'd like to also acknowledge two women who have volunteered
and who are currently translating Chapter 1 of the Guidebook
into Spanish and Italian:
    Susanne Velardo
    Cristina Pianetta

Thanks as well to  Fred Cook and Antonio Rossin who offered
help with translation, and may contribute later.


Date: 18 Dec 00 10:33:52 EST
From: Ricardo Avila <•••@••.•••>
To: •••@••.•••
Subject: Translation of "Escaping the Matrix"

Dear Richard,

I'd like to share with you the attached translation of your
"Escaping the Matrix". The article is certainly most
interesting to third world politics, so, I have shared it
with a number of friends, mostly in Chile.

I hope it may be of use to you, towards its availability to
a Spanish-speaking audience, and can only hope it will not
hurt your intellectual property rights.

In sincere and fond appreciation of your work

Ricardo E. Avila

Manuel de Salas 347, Depto. 20
Santiago, Chile


Dear Ricardo,

Many thanks for the translation!  I've converted it to HTML
and uploaded to the cj website.  You might want to check it
over and make sure I did the accented characters properly,
etc.  We've been talking recently about 'movement
harmonization', and your spontaneous initiative and
collaboration are good examples of what we need more of.