cj#284> Ferguson: a personal encounter


Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 1995 00:00:08 -0700
Sender: •••@••.••• (Joe Ferguson)
Subject: An Encounter with the Abortion Issue

    Santa Cruz, California                              Oct. 19, 1995

    Emerging from my session with the marriage counselor, I encountered
two anti-abortion picketers standing at each side of a driveway across the
street, that serves several clinics, among them obviously one where
abortion services are provided.  The women on the left held a sign saying
"Abortion kills babies."  The man on the right held one saying "We can

    I was parked to the left, so walking to my car, I swung within
conversational distance of the women, and said "what about the children who
are hungry?  What about those who are unloved and suffering abuse?  Are
you doing anything for them?"

    "I'm not here to argue with you" she said.  "Have faith in Jesus, He
will answer your prayers."

    "I'm schooled in the Bible" I replied.  "I remember the parable about
the good and faithful servant.  Jesus taught us we must work with what we
have, that we must take responsibility for bettering the world around us
and not expect everything to be done for us."

    "But abortion is not the answer" she returned.

    "No it isn't.  It's a symptom, of OUR failure to provide a world
where children are safe, nourished and loved."  I had to get to work.
"Good Luck, keep your faith" I said as I turned to walk to my car.

    I hoped I sowed a seed of doubt in the hearts of these people.  It
bothers me when people feel they are so right that they can judge others.
Jesus said "Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone."
He said "Judge not that ye be not judged."

    Who are these people to rub the noses of women, unfortunate enough to
be in need of this clinic, in their pious rhetoric?  What has the "pro-
life" movement done to spare poverty stricken children from hunger, abuse,
disease and death?  When one in three American black men will become
victims of the criminal "justice" system, how can anyone presume to know
what choices their mothers should make?

    I was not sarcastic when I said "keep your faith."  I value faith.
The doubt I hope to sow is about the actions these people are taking, and
about what they aren't doing.  I want them to question the human voices
they have chosen to heed.  I hope they will keep their faith in Jesus and
pay closer attention to Jesus' message, which was about love and service,
not about judgement and self-righteousness.

    Joseph C. Ferguson