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Richard Moore

Joe sent this to me personally, but he's never yet objected to being
published on CJ ...

Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995
>From: •••@••.••• (Joe Ferguson)
To: •••@••.•••
Subject: Business Bashing

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> > Quite true.  Blanket attacks on the profit motive are probably more harmful
> than helpful, they don't make the distinctions between productive and
> exploitive practices.
> -rkm

    Now we're getting somewhere!  I just sent hard-copies of your
NWO and human rights article to my sisters, but I really want to
distribute the re-write, if it incorporates this clear thinking.
Are you concerned that fellow "leftists" will accuse you of
"back-pedaling" on socialism?

    By the way, I happened to see (Jim?) Hightower on the TV this
morning (my wife watches "Good Morning America").  Apparently he was
just fired.  He was talking about "what is happening" with these huge
corporations "taking over our banks; taking over our media; ..."
Seeing my wife's interest in what he was saying, I told her "my
cyber-buddy Richard has been publishing articles on this topic!"

    Until now, she has been turned off by my political leanings, but
I think she might be ready to check out your article!

    - Joe


... Thanks, Joe, for your feedback on the articles, and your concern with
improving the thinking so that it makes sense to more people.  I enjoy the
dialog we have on the net, and find it educational, but what I really want
to do is contribute in some small way to waking up society to the
democracy-suicide it is participating in.  Your help is appreciated.

I don't think "leftism" is a force in American politics at this stage, nor
does it even have a clear definition.  I don't think there's any agreement
on socialism to be abandoned.  If we return to the "out of control
automobile" analogy of cj#291, then you might say:

        Socialism with democracy:
                Strong government role in planning the route of the car.
                The government serves needs of people.

        Democracy without socialism:
                Government participation in planning route of the car.
                People's needs are part of the political equation.

        Corporate feudalism:
                Government bannned from the car.
                People's welfare sacrificed to greater corporate profits.
                The car careens over people and society and the media
                writes about something else.

At this point, worrying about socialism seems like pointless utopianism.
The battle is around preserving any remnant of democracy whatsoever.


 Posted by Richard K. Moore (•••@••.•••) Wexford, Ireland