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Richard Moore

Note the dates on each citation.  This corroborates an earlier post we had,
where some insider whistleblower was saying the Mena investigation would be
hit by a heavy damage-control operation.


Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996
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>>Spin control?

The following paragraph was printed on the front page of the Friday,
November 24, 1995 issue of *The Wall Street Journal* in the Washington
Wire column:

   MENA PROBE: House Banking Chairman Leach sends colleagues a letter on
   |plans to investigate allegations of drug smuggling and money laundering
   at the Mena, Ark., airport during the 1980s. Leach says he will also
   examine "whether past government reviews and investigations
   associated with Mena Airport were handled properly."

The following excerpt is from a newspaper article written by columnist
Robert D. Novak that was published in the Sunday, December 3, 1995 issue
of *The Chicago Sun-Times* on page 43:

   House Banking Chairman James Leach, in a memo to his committee's
   members, has suggested that his low-key Whitewater investigation may
   lead to hearings on a high-profile issue: allegations of money
   laundering and drug smuggling at Mena Airport in southwestern Arkansas.

   Leach disclosed that investigators are probing "whether businesses
   based at, or operating through, the Mena Airport engaged in systematic
   money laundering." They also are exploring, he said, whether the source
   of laundered money was convicted drug smuggler Barry Seal during
   the time he said he was working for the Central Intelligence Agency.

   Published accounts for years have linked wrongdoing at Mena to the
   then-governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. But Leach's memo did not
   mention Clinton and asserted "the Mena-related allegations involve
   possible improper conduct spanning several federal administrations."

The following paragraph was published on the front page of the Friday,
December 29, 1995 issue of *The Wall Street Journal* in the Washington
Wire column:

   The House is investigating alleged drug smuggling and money
   laundering at Mena Airport in Arkansas. Congressional investigators
   already have met with officials from the intelligence community, the
   FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration. To date, they have turned
   up nothing to indicate Clinton was associated with any wrongdoing at
   the remote airport.


Duane J. Roberts

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Criminology, Law, and Society
School of Social Ecology
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