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Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996
Sender: Arun Mehta <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#474> MEME 2.03: Myth of Digital Nirvana

> What might I ask, are the binding values between the nations I
> mention above -- Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Secular -- Democracy,
> Monarchy, Theocracy?  How do we "form our own Social Contract", as
> Barlow proposes? Is it realistically possible?  Each and every
> reader of MEME is participating in the creation of Cyberspace.
> How, cutting through the digital polemic, do we then, as supposed
> "cyber-citizens" or "netizens" act in consort to form a community
> with the depth of complexity equivalent to a geographic nation?
> The last time I checked, some of these countries on my subscription
> list were in state of near war, yet we are all expected to form
> some autonomous, self-governing community on-line,  bypassing the
> very real history of Homo Sapiens?

I think we can agree on a minimal agenda, something we all believe in,
just as the million strong members and supporters of Amnesty
International have done. No matter which culture you come from, it is not
hard to agree that torture is a bad thing, and should be abolished.

Likewise, I'm sure that people from all countries will be willing to come
together to oppose the taking over of the Internet by any government.

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