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Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996
Sender: Parveez Syed <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Mass Media, Education and Values

Tuesday 27 February 1996, London-UK



Can you help me prepare a paper on "The Mass media, Education and
Values". The seminar is intended to explore the values conveyed
to young people by their every day exposing to the bewildering
variety of attitudes and assumptions presented by the mass

I would like to explain how an education in values might help
them (people or mass media consumers) interpret and to become
critically aware of these influences on their lives, and to
explain how the potentiality for good in the mass media might
be more profitably exploited through education and its more
destructive and harmful elements alleviated.

I am particularly interested in explaining and presenting the
educational contribution that any mainstream religion can make in
these areas both by its contribution to and also its critique of
the often confused and contradictory values by the mass media.

Here is a brief I have prepared. Can you help add soundbites?

Our is an age dominated by the mass media. Its influence is all
pervasive. Television, radio and videos, newspapers and the
like surround us with their images and sounds. Their values and
slogans form an invasive and intrusive accompaniment to our
lives. Soundbites shape our attitudes to social affairs. Our
standards and tastes, and especially those of the young, can
all to easily be transformed by the immediacy and power of the
messages conveyed by the moderns means of communications.

Yet we are not merely passive receipients, easy prey to those
who weild these instruments of propaganda. We can exercise
choice and learn discrimination. The power of critical
reflection, of protest where necessary, and the ability to
participate in the public debate over what is or is not
acceptable remains within our grasp.

Education may seem a punny instrument when compared to the
immensely powerful technological marvels represented by modern
mass media. But its influence and importance should not be
underestimated. It is by education that these powers of
critical reflection can be developed and grow.

So, the presentation paper would discuss / cover:

Mass media values (internal and external)
Portrayal of values in the mass media
Portrayal of any religious values in religion programmes
Valuing children in the mass media
Children and violence in the mass media
The value of violence in the mass media
Children and violence in the mass media
Marriage and family in the mass media
The attitude to sex in the mass media
Developing a critique of mass media values (internal and

My target closing date for the paper is before 16 March 1996.


So, can you help? Would you also like to take part? Please
advise. Thank you.

Kind regards

Parveez Syed

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Food for thought?: "In politics, as in the snake oil business, it
pays to have a short memory and a chameleon-like quality. That is
why the relationship between a journalist and a politician should
be like the one between a dog and a lamp-post".
But who is doing what to whom? One wonders ;-)



        Of course you've read Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent", but have
you read Parenti's "Make Believe Media" and "Inventing Reality"?



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