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Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996
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Subject: Alt news on Brown crash

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Subj:   another cover up?  Brown's crash is already being lied about

A group of Special Forces personnel, MH53 out of Brindisi,  in Italy has
joined the search and rescue efforts in recovering the bodies and wreckage
of the Brown plane.

It has been revealed that both groups of wreckage, which are over17 miles
apart, are the Brown plane.  The wreckage is apparently in two distince
groupings with little or no wreckage in between.  The land site is about 12
miles inland (10 miles south east of Dubrovnik) and the wreckage in the
water is five miles north west of the city in the Adriatic.  The flight
plan shows the airplane coming in from Tusla from the north east over the

The current speculation is that the airplane hit a mountain.  That would
make the wreckage pattern impossible, and would have concentraged the
wreckage into one area.  About the only way the wreckage could be spread in
the pattern reported is if it exploded at a high altitude.

The weather has been reported as foggy, windy, and hard rain.  You get two
of the three, but you don't get to have fog and wind at the same time.
Visibility was certainly very bad.  Observers on the ground saw nothing,
they just heard the explosion.  Television broadcasts from the area show
heavy fog, so I vote for that one.

The big question is, why did the airplane explode?  There is a history of a
couple of those type of airplanes having an onboard explosion in the past;
and, of course, there is the possibility of a missle attack or a terrorist
bomb onboard.  Another one is, if it ran into a mountain, why do we have
special forces on site all the way from Italy when we have troops much
closer?  Why and how did Tudgeman announce immediately that the plane was
not hit by hostile fire before the wreckage on the ground was even
identified?  Does that mean it was friendly (Croatian) fire?  Why a
coverupp already.

By the way, they already know Brown is dead even though it has not been
announced.  That makes the President's speech in the past tense make more
sense.  Brown's body was identified, and the White House was told, about
3:45 pm est.

Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996
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Subject: R Brown Crash UPDATE (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 06 Apr 1996
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Subject: R Brown Crash UPDATE

                        RON BROWN'S FLIGHT
                   REMOVED 5 DAYS BEFORE CRASH

By Ian Goddard
U.S. Air Force Squadron Commander, Lt. Col James Albright, who was
responsible for the T-43 jet in which Ron Brown crashed, was known
to be adamant about not allowing T-43s to fly in bad weather. Only
five days before Ron Brown was kill in the crash of the T-43 flying
in bad weather, Col Albright was relieved of his command reportedly
BECAUSE he refused to allow T-43s to fly in unsafe conditions.
The Washington Times 4/6/96 (A12) reprints an Associated Press
report that states:

        The Stars and Stripes, an unofficial military
        newspaper published for the U.S. forces in Germany,
        quoted an unidentified Air Force pilot in its edition
        yesterday as saying Col. Albright was fired because
        he told his superiors he refused to allow the large,
        cumbersome T-43s to fly in unsafe conditions.

        The pilot, who spoke on conditions of anonymity, said
        Col. Albright objected to "pressure from above" to allow
        flights in areas where ground-based, computerized
        navigation devices had been destroyed during recent

        He was especially opposed to such flights during foul
        weather, the pilot said

However, Col. Albright told the AP the following day that his removal
was "completely unrelated" to the safety issues he raised. He referred
all further questions to military spokesman Maj. Bob Potter, who was
detained in a "high-level meeting" and consequently not available.

If Col. Albright had not been removed--as the Stars and Stripes reported,
for opposing flights of T-43s in unsafe conditions--no doubt he would
have stopped the fatal flight of the T-43 under his command that
crashed during unsafe conditions, killing Ron Brown.


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