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Richard Moore

Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996
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Subject: Re: cj#519> Inside Bohemian Grove

> Subj:   Inside Bohemian Grove: The Story People Magazine Won't Let You Read

> The media figures attending the retreat all agree not to report on what goes
> on inside. The prohibition seems to apply to reporters who are not guests or
> members as well: In 1982, NPR got a recording of Henry Kissinger's speech at
> the Grove -- but declined to air it (Spy, 11/89). Also in 1982, a Time
> reporter went undercover as a waiter in Bohemian Grove; like Mathison's
> People article, his story was killed.

This reference to SPY magazine -- this might be the issue
where their own reporter got in there for the festivities,
made it out, wrote it up, and got it published in SPY.

He was rather unimpressed by the proceedings.


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