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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

        I've asked Tony for the dates of his incarceration.  Thanks again
to Carolyn Ballard for combing the net on our behalf.  She sends me about 5
major articles a day, which I'm behind on scanning, but this one I
fortuntely looked at right away...


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Greetings from Swiss exile.

I'm writing to tell you something I think you need to know.

When I was a political prisoner incarcerated in the Metropolitan Correctional
Center (appropriately nicknamed the "Warehouse of Death") on Van Buren Street in
Chicago, they were bribing the most ignorant prisoners to allow themselves to be
injected with an "experimental AIDS vaccine", which I was informed by certain
guards and others was actually the AIDS virus. The bribes? An extra portion of
rice on their tray. And extra few minutes in the visiting room. Yes, that's the
kind of "bribes" they received.

SEVERAL times, they called me down to the "medical" department, which consisted
of a bunch of little filipino quacks. The TOLD me (as opposed to "asked" me)
that they were going to inject me with the experimental AIDS vaccine. At that
point, I would kick their little asses all over the room, they would call the
good squad, who would kick MY ass all over the room and then remove me from the
"medical" department. I suppose they were just too stupid to think about having
the guards hold me down while they injected their poison.

They did this so many times that I finally worked out a system. Whenever they
would call my name for the medical department, my inmate friend, Sam Paiz, would
call my friend, Michael Cross, at this home in Indianapolis, and Michael Cross
would call my court-appointed attorney, William J. Stevens, to tell him to
contact the prison to demand that they not inject me with anything.

Then, Sam would call my wife, who would also call Stevens.

Then Sam would call Peter Sayer, who was with the Hare Krishna community in
Chicago, and he would also call Stevens, or go to his office with a band of Hare
Krishna devotees, if necessary. As funny as this may sound, I must say that the
Hare Krishnas were the ONLY religious organisation that helped me at all during
my imprisonment. Peter Sayer even got on my official visiting list, and visited
me when no one else would.

Sam would call a whole list of people, who would instantly call Stevens and put
extreme pressure on him. That, combined with the boxing abilities I learnt from
my prizefighter grandfather, Bernard Boren, and perhaps some help from above,
prevented me from ever being injected with their so-called "AIDS vaccine" or the
AIDS virus, of whatever else it might have been.

You have probably heard about the Indian guru, Sri Rajneesh, who died of AIDS
soon after being released from his very brief stay in a U.S. federal prison.
Upon arriving in his native India, he very loudly and publically announced that
he had been injected with the AIDS virus while in federal prison.

I have just read some very disturbing reports about the treatment Freeman LeRoy
Schweitzer is receiving in prison, which bring this all to mind. I do not wish
to upset the Schweitzer family; I only want to tell the truth, which can be
verified with the people I have mentioned here. I will leave it up to your
discretion whether or not to inform the Schweitzer family about this. If they
haven't already done this to Mr. Schweizter, he should really be on his guard,
in case they try. I'm very, very sorry to have to tell you about this, but I
feel it is my duty.

We must expose these things to the whole world.