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Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997
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Subject: CIA-Contra Plan: 'Killing Cubans'

The new issue of The Consortium is on the Internet.

The lead story describes how the CIA's architect of the Nicaraguan
contra war listed one of the covert operation's goals in 1981 as
"killing Cubans," who were in Nicaragua in a variety of advisory
positions.  The "killing Cubans" plan is acknowledged by Duane
Clarridge, then-director of the CIA's Latin American division.  A few
years later, Clarridge had the brainstorm for mining the harbors of
Nicaragua, a scheme that blew up in the CIA's face and sparked the
Iran-contra scandal.

A second story describes how the CIA sustained the Iran-contra cover-up
when Clarridge and other senior officials allegedly removed
incriminating documents from the CIA's files.

A third story reviews the mainstream media's new concern about
"conspiracism," including the recurrence of Roswell-alien-landing
stories in recent movies and TV shows.  But instead of ridiculing the
American people, this article shows how the government contributed to
the Roswell suspicions by putting out two false cover stories to
protect a Cold War secret.

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