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Richard Moore

Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997
Sender: Craig McLeod Frank Jones <•••@••.•••>
Subject: TWA 800

What's the latest on this little caper?  Any recent news or
leaks from the invesigation that we have not heard about in
the mainstream media?

                     Craig Jones


        Anyone got any info on this?  I've seen no evidence at any time in
this case that suggested the event wasn't an accidental shootdown by a U.S.
military missle, followed by the standard government lies and coverup.
What has been in the mainstream media in the past couple months?  (haven't
seen anything myself).

        In some sense, what's interesting about this case is the propaganda
techniques used in the coverup--the events themselves seem open-and-shut.
For example, cj#599 re-published on 10 Nov:

>                        AN AMERICAN REPORTER EXCLUSIVE
>                                by Clark Staten
>                        American Reporter Correspondent
>        CHICAGO (ENN) -- An internal literature review on the TWA Flight
>800 disaster by the Emergency Response & Research Institute show that the
>charge that the U.S. Navy downed the Boeing 757 began on the Internet when
>an Iranian propagandist started charging a cover-up by U.S. officials jsut
>48 hours after the plane exploided in mid-air.
>        Our analysis revealed that the original allegations of a U.S.
>Naval "friendly fire incident" came from an alleged Iranian extremist and
>propagandist named Parveez Syad, who is also known as Parveez Hussein,
>operating at the time from a base in Birmingham, England.  Interestingly,
>Syad distributed these allegations widely on the Internet within 48 hours
>of the incident and made what appeared to be premature accusations that
>the United States was already engaged in a "cover-up."
>        Syad's current whereabouts are unknown, and it is believed that he
>may have been the subject of a government investigation in England.
>Concerns were raised at the time by ERRI analysts that the Iranian
>propagandist may have been engaged in an "disinformation" campaign in an
>effort to deflect attention from possible Moslem extremist involvement in
>the bombing of Flight 800.

        Notice here that the propaganda avoids actually lying, but uses
other styles of disinformation and obfuscation.  For example, it is pointed
out that Parveez is also known as "Hussein" -- implying of course that he
must be a bit like Saddam.  And Syad doesn't post messages from his "home",
but from a "base".  Nowhere is it mentioned that what Syad posted, in fact,
were reports from credible Western sources, and that they've been
abundantly confirmed since.

        This kind of propaganda is, unfortuantely, very effective.  The
average American reader would see it as an objective investigation that
reveals "Muslim Terrorist Internet Propagandaists" are behind the "friendly
fire theory" and would be likely to dismiss that "theory" from their minds.

        I'm sure American Reporter was simply passing on what looked like a
good story -- certainly Joe Shea wouldn't be party to a propaganda
campaign.  Does anyone know anything about the "Emergency Response &
Research Institute" or Clark Staten?

        As for Syad's "current whereabouts", these are far from unknown.
He continues to post his news bulletins, each of which includes his home
address.  Here's the latest he sent into cj:

>Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 00:00:13 -0800
>Sender: Parveez Syed <•••@••.•••>
>Subject: Christian communist Serbs re-write history
>Monday 03 February 1997, London-UK [SRTV0004]
>From: Parveez Syed
>Global Media Monitoring Unit
>Shanti Communications
>One Stuart Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8RA1 UK
>Tel: London-UK 44-0831-196693
>Fax: 44-0181-665 0384

        Again, if anyone would like to send in later news of either the
incident or the propaganda campaign, please do so.


    Posted by Richard K. Moore  -  •••@••.•••  -  Wexford, Ireland