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Richard Moore

Dear cj,

       Hope you all haven't been missing cj too much.  There are two weeks
left in my holiday, and after getting settled back in Wexford, you'll see
some new threads on cj and some new articles (already written) on cyberlib.
New versions of "Life Cycle of Creative Endeavors" and "America and the
New World Order" have taken up my available work time during this
interlude.  If anyone wants to see/review either article, please let me

       Speaking of paradise, the weather here is balmy and not too hot, the
surf beckons in the background, and Internet access is free.  A perfect
accompaniment to visiting with family.

Anini Beach, Kauai

BTW> Thaks, Frank, for your contribution to the Paradise Thread...

Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997
Sender: Frank Scott <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cj#632> re: Is there a paradise plan?

I've lived in the bay area for twenty five years, and it is geographically
lovely, has excellent, if boring, weather, and lots of very nice people. But
I find notions of it being a place where consciousness is higher than others
to border on being dangerous.

Heating bills are lower here, and there is a certain amount of what passes
for intellectual and political advancement, in part, thanks to the
attraction the area has for affluent and educated people, as well as
seekers of nice climates. But the fact that people in certain areas have
more time for certain
pursuits-spiritual, political, etc- speaks as much to economics and
geography as to any "higher" consciousness. I'm sure people with money and
education fill the Bahamas at certain times of year, if not always, and I
doubt that makes the Bahamas a center of higher consciousness.

Those of us lucky to be here are just that-lucky. It's better than Bosnia or
beirut, that's for sure. But every wretched excess of america is here,
including poverty, racism, crime. It's just easier to miss it because the
area has so much going for it geographically, and it has a very affluent
economic component that helps keep many neighborhoods and communities "safe
and secure". But There are parts of New York City- my original home- that
are safe, secure, affluent and educated, etc., and they are not any "higher"
than the bay area.

    Posted by Richard K. Moore  -  •••@••.•••  -  Wexford, Ireland